Thin heels can be difficult to repair, because the cap is usually made of leather or plastic. Leather can be ruined by moisture, which can come into contact with the leather from sweat or water. The leather can also be damaged from the chemicals found in some shoes. To repair a damaged leather cap, the cobblers use shoe cement. A solvent such as alcohol is used to dissolve the existing shoe cements and then a new cement is applied to the shoe.

The new cement holds the leather securely in place. Some shoe repair businesses may also use shoe cement to replace an entire sole. They grind down the old sole, soak it with cement, and apply the new sole. When repairing a thin shoe heel, you should shoe repair near me clean it first, and then place it over an old, worn, or damaged sole.

This way, the repaired heel will match the original heel. You should make sure that the new heel fits properly and that the top of the heel will support your weight when wearing it. The old sole can also help the new heel to hold its shape.

To repair a thicker style of shoe heel, the cobblers use shoe repair paste to glue a new cap back on. The paste is applied on the inside of the heel and the cap is sewed onto the bottom of the heel.

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