Shoes have three basic parts: a toe cap, a midsole, and a heel cup. . The glue used to bond the toe cap to the midsole can be the source of problems for shoe soles.

When soles wear out, this glue can break and fall away from the shoe, leaving only a bare toe cap attached to the shoe. If you look closely at the worn-out part of the shoe’s sole, you will notice something called “toe fill.”

The sole has a hole where the glue used to bond the toe cap to the shoe’s midsole shoe repair service has fallen away. This is a sign of damage to the sole caused by wear. The damaged sole will prevent the shoe from walking properly. If the hole is in the toe, then you can use it to put on an insert and get a new shoe. But if the hole is in the midsole, you can’t just put an insert in the hole because you would ruin the shoe’s arch support.

Toe fill is the name given to the material in the hole. This is the material that you will have to cut away. The soles are very different, and the best way to deal with the problem is to contact a shoe repair service.

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