A Desert Safari is a great way to get a taste of the Arabian Desert. You’ll get to see beautiful sunsets and sunrises, participate in fun-filled activities and have delicious Arabic food.

There are many different kinds of desert safari in Dubai, including dune bashing, camel rides and sandboarding. Some offer camping as well, which is a great way to experience the desert at night.

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing is one of the most thrilling and adrenaline-pumping activities in the deserts. It involves driving over sand dunes at varying speeds and manoeuvring your SUV car across shifting sands.

In the UAE, dune bashing is popular as a day trip and often included in desert safari tours. It’s a great way to experience the desert and get some incredible photos.

It’s also an awesome activity to do with your family and friends. It’s fun and exciting for everyone, no matter what your age or physical fitness level is!

It’s safe to do, but it’s important to book it with a reputable company. They’ll make sure your safety comes first.

Camel Riding

Camel riding is a great way to experience a unique part of the desert that most people can’t see. It also provides a chance to reconnect with nature and learn about ancient Arabia.

Camels have long provided nomadic peoples in northern Africa and the Middle East with milk, meat, and leather as well as fuel from their dung. They have been vital in desert exploration and military campaigns, and have been a major part of Middle Eastern culture for thousands of years.

Many tour operators seek to maximize profit by putting two people on one camel, but this is often not the best experience for the animals. They may not get the time and space to rest that they need, or may be working under harsh conditions to keep up with the demand for camel rides.

Quad Biking

Quad bikes are a great way to get off the beaten track and experience the amazing landscapes of Africa. They allow you to access remote areas that cars can’t and are the perfect adrenaline rush for adventure seekers.

You can experience a quad bike safari in Botswana, South Africa, Kenya and Namibia. Jack’s Camp in Makgadikgadi Pans National Park is a favourite, or stay at Gold Sand or Dar Ahlam in Morocco’s Sahara desert.

You can also go dune bashing in Dubai, or in the Al Awir desert, which is famous for its high and beautiful red sand dunes. This activity is ideal if you want to do something more active on your desert safari.


The desert is a prime location for photographers. The rays of the sun bounce off the sands, creating amazing photographs that rival desktop screensavers.Book your Tour at :Holidaydesertsafari.

The Dubai desert is also a great place to capture sunsets and sunrises. The orange hue of the sun dissipating behind the sand dunes is stunning and should be captured in your camera!

Another great desert safari experience is to watch the sunset from a camel. A bumpy ride through the sand dunes is a memorable way to experience the Arabian desert.

Sunset & Sunrise

When the last ray of sunlight is reflected on the sand dunes, it evokes the promise of new dawn. This enchanted sight has the power to stop you in your tracks for an instant and gives you a feeling of being lost in time.

A Desert Safari is the best way to witness this magnificent display of nature. It allows you to soak up the magic of Dubai’s stunning desert vistas, and you’ll be able to make memories that you’ll cherish forever.

The sunrise desert safari is an ideal way to experience Dubai’s breathtaking desert landscape. It includes pickup from your hotel in Dubai, a tour of the sand dunes, and some other thrill-filled activities like sandboarding and quad biking.

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