There are different types of traffic marshals. Most marshals are paid by the hour. These are generally hourly or per diem marshals. Many of them also have to meet specific physical qualifications.

The main duties of an hourly traffic marshal are to ensure that workers remain safe. Workers should follow instructions from the traffic marshal before they leave the site. Marshals should provide workers with information about the site, and they must make sure that the workers and their equipment remain safe while on site.

We also have on-duty marshals. These marshals are available twenty-four hours a day. On-duty marshals usually work on construction sites during the night and on Traffic Marshal holidays and weekends. Marshals help to maintain public traffic routes. When a large vehicle comes down a road, the on-duty marshals will try to stop the vehicle if it is a violation. They will direct the driver to the side of the road.

The on-duty traffic marshals also take pictures of any violations that happen on the site. These can later be used to prosecute violators. Marshals who work with construction sites must be trained and licensed. They need to be experienced in working around heavy machinery. They must also be able to perform certain tasks such as helping to clear snow from the roadways.

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