The most popular Best mattresses in Pakistan The prices are changed such that they fit a number of criteria regarding affordability. Obtain a great mattress at a low price from a reputable retailer that has a high level of competence to assist you in escaping your issues without breaking your budget. Attempting to purchase a mattress without first conducting any study may prove to be a challenging endeavour. There is a wide selection of mattresses on the market, each of which has its own own brand and connotation. Finding the correct mattress for your needs might aid in the treatment of ortho and back issues. The following retailers have a variety of mattresses available, some of which may fall within your budgetary constraints:
a listing of the costs

Components of the Mattress

There is some evidence that hybrid mattresses can alleviate back discomfort. It offers three distinct options for a high-quality sleeping experience, including springs, latex, and foam.

Airbag-equipped mattress

At hospitals, patients in emergency situations are often given the choice of sleeping on an air mattress. It was also possible to find it at hotels.

Foldable mattress

It is convenient to travel with a mattress that folds up into a compact size and can be used on any bed. Because they can be folded and unfolded so quickly and conveniently, you may take advantage of their comfort at any time.
Mattress that Includes the Springs
It’s possible that the coils that are placed below spring beds will give you discomfort if you have back issues. Those who enjoy sleeping in lofty, bouncy beds will find it to be an excellent option.
Gel-infused mattresses are used here.
Because it has a gel layer, it will shield you from any heat that you might experience while you are sleeping. You will have a comfortable night’s sleep and a cool bed thanks to this.
Latex mattress
Mattresses made from latex are breathable, non-toxic to the environment, and sustainable. Long stretches of restful, undisturbed sleep are made possible as a result.
Rank and description of the best mattresses available in Pakistan.


Mattresses are available in a wide variety at Master, and they are designed to meet the requirements of a variety of customers. Customers have enjoyed using it for many years because it is one of the most dependable mattresses that have ever been produced. It is the Best Mattress in Pakistan because of its comprehensive mattress portfolio, which enables you to make an informed decision based on the requirements that are unique to you. You should go with the Master Moltyfoam brand if you have particular back concerns or requirements.
Molty Sleep, Molty Memory, Molty Cure, and Molty Cool Gel Mattress Price: Rs 29,000 for 5 inch, Rs 48000 for 8 inch

2-Diamond Supreme Foam

Diamond Supreme Foam gives you the greatest possible night’s sleep and delivers the most suitable mattress for your individual requirements. Their premium collection features a wide selection of mattresses, including memory foam, spring, gel cool, orthopaedic, and many more types of mattresses. Each mattress is made to cater to the particular requirements of a particular way of living.
The following options represent the highest quality Diamond Supreme Foam that money can buy:

  • Very plush
  • • Renaissance Pillow Top
  • Price: Rs 37800 (6 Inch), 52000 (8 Inch).


Mattresses of superior quality are produced by Durafoam so that the company’s clients can experience the greatest amount of comfort possible in their homes. Because it is made of durafoam, the mattress is guaranteed to be long-lasting and durable even under typical conditions of use.When it comes to the purchase of a mattress, Durafoam is prepared to provide you a choice that is either priced at a level that is more affordable or at a level that is priced at a level that is more easily accessible to those with a limited budget. You can purchase them at any of the nearby establishments or you can do it online at.

The following is a list of the items that Diamond Dura-top Foam offers, all of which can be purchased according to your specifications:

  • Extremely Luxurious Firm Dura
  • Luxurious Dura
  • Dura Peaceful Night Plus Infrared Blanket

The cost comes to Rs 24,500.

4-Canon Primax Foam

Canon Primax Foam will supply you with the treatment foam of the greatest possible quality. Those who have problems with their backs and who are looking for a comfortable night’s sleep that will last through the whole night are the people who should buy this product.

You really ought to give it some thought if you’re looking for anything that’s not just affordable but also of a great standard. It is an excellent mattress that is constructed entirely of foam of a high-quality, and as a result, it is more effective than other mattresses.

According to the requirements that you have specified, the following Cannon Primax Form goods are the best ones for you to purchase:

  • Primax Advance Contour: Because of its cutting-edge design, it has a flawlessly contoured shape that follows the natural curvature of your neck.
  • The Spring Rose Mattress, available here

The price for a height of 5 inches is Rs 17415, and the price for a height of 6 inches is Rs 20757.

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