The internet has revolutionized how we learn, with YouTube becoming a go-to platform for education. YouTube provides knowledge and information on virtually every subject, from history and science to literature and mathematics. This article will explore some of the top educational YouTube channels revolutionizing our learning.

Crash Course

It is a popular YouTube channel https://youtu.be/j4nzjpffiji that provides educational videos on various topics, from science and history to literature and philosophy. Each video is hosted by an expert in the field and is designed to be engaging and informative. Crash Course videos are perfect for students who want to supplement their learning or for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge on a particular subject.

Khan Academy

It is a nonprofit organization that provides free educational videos on various subjects, including mathematics, science, and economics. Khan Academy’s mission is to provide free, world-class education to anyone, anywhere. The channel’s videos are informative and easy to understand, making it a great resource for students of all ages.


TED-Ed is an educational platform that provides animated videos on various subjects, from science and history to philosophy and psychology. Each video is designed to be engaging and informative, focusing on critical thinking and problem-solving. TED-Ed videos are perfect for students who want to learn in a fun and interactive way.


Numberphile is a YouTube channel focusing on mathematics, providing informative and entertaining videos on various topics, from prime numbers to infinity. The channel’s videos are hosted by mathematicians and are designed to make complex topics easy to understand.


SmarterEveryDay is a YouTube channel that provides educational videos on science and engineering. The channel’s videos are entertaining and informative, focusing on practical applications. SmarterEveryDay videos are perfect for anyone who wants to learn about science and engineering in a fun and engaging way.


The educational YouTube channels listed above are just a few examples of the vast array of knowledge and information that can be found on the platform. YouTube is revolutionizing how we learn, providing access to quality education for people worldwide. Whether you’re a student or a lifelong learner, there’s no better time to explore the educational YouTube channels available and expand your knowledge and understanding of the world around us.

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