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Tips for Using Outlook Email Well Communicating professionally in an office requires using email. Learning how to use Microsoft Outlook effectively is essential to your professional development if your company uses it because it makes it simple to set up meetings with coworkers and send emails. With ease, you can use these features at a new job to impress your coworkers and boss.

To get the most out of your tools and work more efficiently at work, follow these suggestions:

1. Process your messages effectively Creating a system of organization is the first step in organizing a cluttered Outlook inbox. Viewpoint permits you to coordinate your email into envelopes for more straightforward route. An organized system makes it easier to sort through unread messages and motivates you to manage incoming mail. Your email can be divided up into categories that you might deal with differently. You could, for instance, categorize messages as “meeting invitations,” “most important,” “to do later,” or “external mail.”

Create rules in Outlook to automatically sort each new email into a folder you create for each message category. You could, for instance, create a rule to sort all meeting invitations into a “meeting invitations” folder after moving all invitations there. Remember to set your mobile device to “Sync Mail” from the folders you create when using a mobile device.

Related: How to Control Your Email Email recall or unsending To recall or unsend an email that has already been sent, open your “Sent messages” folder and double-click on the email. Then, select “Recall This Message” from the drop-down menu under “Actions.” You are presented with a recall window in which you have the option of replacing the older versions of the email with an updated one or deleting the older, unread versions. You can also select to receive a report detailing whether each recipient successfully recalls the message.

The recipient must also have an Outlook account for the recall function to function. You won’t be able to recall the email if they use another email app, but you can still send a recall message. Simply add a note advising the recipient to disregard the initial email and consult the most recent one instead.

Related: How to Find an Email Inbox: A Guideline-by-Lexicon 3. Send emails with a slight delay You can also set your emails to send with a slight delay to prevent sending the wrong email. This way, even if you notice an error or forget to include something right after sending, you can still edit or stop the email from going out.

Go to “File” in Microsoft Outlook and select “Manage Rules and Alerts” to delay your emails. Select “New Rule” from there to begin with a “Blank Rule.” In order to cover all of your outgoing messages, skip conditions. After that, in “Step 1,” select “Defer delivery by several minutes” and select the number of minutes for which you want to delay each message.

Related: When you send an email to the wrong person, what should you do? You can set an automatic out-of-office message for times when you are away from your inbox or have limited access to it. This informs recipients that they shouldn’t anticipate receiving a response right away and can direct them to a colleague to handle urgent matters while you are out of the office. By selecting “Automatic Replies (out-of-office)” from the “file” tab and entering your desired message, you can set an out-of-office message.

Related: Emails Sent Outside of the Office: FAQs, Advice, and Examples Clean your inbox with a single click With the introduction of the clean-up function in Outlook 2010, you can clean your inbox in a single click. All messages that repeat later in an email thread or email conversations with multiple replies are deleted by this function. You will save time as you work through unread messages by being able to view a single, clean email thread rather than each email in a chain individually thanks to this feature.

When you are viewing your inbox, select the “Clean Up Folder” option from the drop-down menu by clicking the “Clean Up” button. If you’re worried about losing messages, this tool can be a little intimidating at first, but it doesn’t delete any messages that aren’t repeated later in a thread. In addition, you can constantly track down every one of your erased messages in the “Erased Things” organizer.

Related: Six Workplace Email Organization Strategies Create email templates Using Outlook, you can create email templates to save time. It’s easy to make a template with “Quick Parts.” Highlight the relevant text and select the “Insert” tab the next time you type something that you are likely to repeat later. “Save Selection to Quick Part Gallery” should be selected from the drop-down menu under “Insert.” Click “Ok” after giving the text a name that helps you remember it later.

The template has been saved for use in the future. When your cursor is over the body of the draft email, select “Quick Parts” and click on the specific text you want to insert in order to add it to a subsequent email message. The pre-written text will then appear in the body of your draft email automatically. In addition, you can change the text of the template in subsequent messages as needed.

7. Schedule emails to be sent in the future Outlook also lets you schedule emails to be sent in the future. If you know how to schedule an email in Outlook, it will be easier for your messages to appear at the top of the recipient’s inbox when they check it first thing in the morning or when they are most likely to do so. Along these lines, regardless of whether you compose a message right when every other person leaves the workplace at 5 p.m., the email shows up in the beneficiary’s inbox at 9 a.m. or then again at whatever point you plan it to show up. Alternately, you can schedule an email message to arrive when a coworker returns to the office from vacation.

Utilize Outlook’s “Future Delivery” feature to schedule an email for later delivery. Before sending the email, select “Delay Delivery” from the menu under “Options.” The “Properties” dialog box appears there. Check the box next to “Do not deliver before” under “Delivery Options,” and then check the box that activates this feature. You can choose the date and time at which you want the email delivered from there. After that, close the box and send the email as usual. After the “Do not deliver before” date and time, the email does not send.

Related: Examples of Effective Closings for Emails Use your Outlook calendar like an expert While most people think of Microsoft Outlook when they think of email, there are a lot of other features there that can make your life easier and help you get more done in less time. You can keep track of things like meetings, appointments, work tasks, and more with the calendar feature in Outlook. To help you manage your time, you can even make a to-do list with the calendar. When you receive appointment requests and meeting invitations via email, Outlook also helps. You can check your availability and add to your schedule without opening a separate application by using the Outlook calendar.

First of all, keep in mind that “Month view” is the calendar’s default setting. The ongoing date is featured on a screen showing the whole schedule month. Also, make sure this screen lets you go to other months. However, there are a number of ways to personalize your calendar so that each time you open it, it is ready for you to use. Instead of setting the calendar by month, you can set it to the following settings:

You can see what happened that day in the day setting.

The five workdays, or Monday through Friday, that make up a workweek are shown in the workweek setting.

Each day’s appointments are displayed in a bar format in the Schedule View, making it simple to identify potential conflicts and commitments that overlap.

You can also add the following things to your Outlook calendar:

Appointments: Only one other person, typically someone outside of your workplace organization, is involved in appointments.

Meetings: The majority of meetings are held internally and involve a group of people. You can send out email invitations and schedule the meeting’s time and location as the organizer.

Tasks: When you intend to work independently on certain assignments, you can schedule a block of time by creating a task. By closing off this time, you can guarantee that you don’t coincidentally plan an arrangement or meeting when you should work.

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According to recent research , in addition to instrumental goals, online customers are increasingly motivated by a need for social interaction. states that businesses now rely heavily on the Internet to communicate with their customers. In an e-business setting, web vendors can offer a variety of channels through which customers can live communicate with sales representatives via the Internet thanks to advances in technology and the speed of the Internet. The obvious proof of how crucial it is to provide high-quality customer support is the rise in the number of websites employing these online sales representatives.

Using agent-based interaction, a model of influence in social networks was found to alter consumer behavior patterns in a study by . According to , a consumer’s decision-making process when shopping online now includes blogging. The empirical study looked at a survey that 327 blog readers took to see if consumers’ attitudes and intentions toward online shopping were influenced by the usefulness of bloggers’ recommendations and their trust in bloggers. In response to this emerging picture of online customer preference, many businesses have implemented Live Customer Support Chat (LSC), which is a type of service that is recently implemented at some E-commerce websites that bypasses traditional customer service types such as telephones and e-mails factors examining LSC in non-western context. Another study by indicated that store layout design has significant impacts on emotional arousal and attitude toward the website, and thus has a positive influence on purchase intention. Additionally, atmosphere has a more to supplement automated transactions on their websites. Any form of Internet communication that allows for the instantaneous transmission of text-based messages from sender to receiver could be referred to as “online chat” . Multicast communications from a single sender to a large number of receivers and point-to-point communications can both be addressed by online chat.

Therefore, there are no interruptions to the flow of communication. Service agents were observed to be able to handle at least three chat sessions simultaneously without significantly increasing the average chat duration in. According to other studies, service agents can multitask across ten or more chat sessions with commercial live chat systems.

LSC vendors tout this feature as a standout advantage of live chat systems for increasing service productivity .

Although there were early attempts to implement LSC on a small number of websites a few years ago, the widespread and actual use of this technology has only increased significantly in the past two years to reflect a new approach to online customer service on e-commerce websites. When doing business or shopping online, LSC is a new standard of service that customers demand and expect. “To date, there has not been any published research that has set out to identify and integrate the collected empirical research findings on chat reference since its inception,” states

In recent years, the use of LSC has significantly increased. By increasing social interaction, LSC is seen as a cost-effective method for lowering purchasing risk. Additionally, it has been deemed an effective strategy for answering customer inquiries and personalizing the shopping experience. Additionally, there is evidence to suggest that this customer service solution enhances the online shopping experience, lessens the risk of making a purchase, and lowers the percentage of customers who abandon their purchases. . In fact, major U.S. banks like Citibank and Bank of America have all implemented types LSC to improve operations. The emergence of relatively inexpensive technology that can restore some of the personal touch that was lost as a result of the wave of bank takeovers over the past decade has piqued the interest of banks in live chat . Additionally, the auto industry is interested in utilizing LSC on their websites. Implementing LSC on the first day of using live chat has been shown to significantly increase purchase request generation from dealership websites .

In a large online course, [39] looked at patterns of interaction and participation. 88 Korean students

partaken in web-based gathering during about fourteen days. It was discovered that there was a higher phase of knowledge construction and a relatively high percentage of metacognitive interaction. For productive online discussion, specifically for achieving sustainable discussion, online instructional strategies were suggested.

[63] mentioned that CancerChatCanada is a pan-Canadian initiative with the goal of expanding the number of professionally led cancer support groups in Canada. 102 patients, survivors, and family caregivers who participated in CancerChatCanada groups between 2007 and 2011 were analyzed using interpretive description. The findings demonstrated that online chat groups significantly improved cancer patients’ access to information and support.

This study looks at what influences people’s intentions to use LSC. Through the well-established TAM Model, it also tries to validate this new kind of customer service. The usefulness of e-mail as a tool for customer support has been the subject of numerous studies . Other people have talked about how to get customer service online—not in real time—by filling out forms or looking through help menus However, very little research has been done to examine LSC’s efficacy This is surprising considering the recent trend in online customer service, which addresses issues and concerns immediately. By examining this new type of online customer service known as LSC (Live Customer Support Chat), this study aims to fill in the research gap. Customers today are more demanding than ever, preferring immediate resolution to waiting for a response to their inquiries, issues, and concerns.

Speed reigns supreme in this digital world of rapid pace. Customers want things faster than ever, whether it’s instant access or fast shipping. Unfortunately, it doesn’t happen as quickly with customer service. For instance, the average response time to issues raised by customers via email and social media is 12 hours. On the other hand, live chat enables the company to respond to customers 100 percent more quickly than any other digital service channel. According to a report from Forrester, 33% of customers nowadays anticipate live chat for faster responses from all brands. Live chat is used by businesses in the banking and e-commerce sectors to speed up response times.

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Microsoft Outlook is a popular desktop email program that is used by both individuals and businesses. It is a robust system that is capable of managing a variety of lists, including contact lists, task lists, calendars, and email accounts. Make your email errands in Standpoint more useful and productive by using these clues and deceives.

The information presented in this article applies to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, and 2010; Microsoft 365, Outlook Online, and Outlook for Mac.

01 of 30 To set up an out-of-office Auto-Reply PC laptop, use the on-screen Pexels of the Outlook Rule Wizard. Outlook can automatically respond to incoming mail with a message telling the sender when you can respond individually when you are not at your computer.

02 of 30: The most effective method to Make an Email Mark in Standpoint Crude Pixel/Pexels Make a short piece of message that incorporates fundamental contact data, a slogan, or maybe a commercial or statement, and remember this data for each email you send from Viewpoint. If you use multiple Outlook email accounts, you should create multiple email signatures.

03 of 30: Add a Graphic or Animation to Your Outlook Email Signature A chart resting on top of a pink studio background Paper Boat Creative / Getty Images To make your Outlook email signature more engaging, add graphics, animations, and logos.

04 of 30: Send an Email to Obscure Beneficiaries Variety coded gatherings of people address the measurable technique known as bunch examination.

Getty Images / Magictorch: To send an email to a group of people while concealing their email addresses, select “Undisclosed recipients” in Outlook.

05 of 30: How to Stop Outlook From Sending Winmail.dat Attachments A picture of the winmail.dat files that accompany emails.

Lifewire Winmail.dat is a specialized Windows attachment format that employs the standard encoding of.dat files. If your Outlook program sends attachments with the extension Winmail.dat, recipients may become confused and concerned. By configuring the application, ensure that Outlook does not send recipients winmail.dat attachments.

06 of 30: When using Outlook on Windows 10 Pexels, you can add an image to a new email message. You can send images as the body of your email messages rather than as attachments. These images, also known as in-line images, are displayed automatically in the body of an email message.

07 of 30 Access Your Hotmail or Outlook.com Email With all of the power and adaptability of a desktop email client, Microsoft Outlook makes it simple to retrieve and send emails from your Hotmail or Outlook.com account.

08 of 30 Use the Outlook font options to change the size and font of the default email on your PC monitor. Anthony Boyd Is the font that Outlook uses when you write or read emails too big, too small, too wide, or too blue? Set the exact color, font, and style that will be used as the default for Outlook email.

09 of 30 Increase Outlook’s Font Size When Reading Email In Windows 10, Outlook displays the Font Size Dialog Pexels Is the small font used in emails too difficult to read? Make the text of your email messages larger in Outlook.

10 of 30: Add a Background Image to a Message Young woman working on a laptop in a sidewalk cafe Chad Springer / Getty Images In Outlook, you can give your emails a creative and colorful background. Some recipients may not see this background if the email program they use is set to not display or download images or special designs from the internet.

11 of 30: Bcc field enabled in Attitude toward Windows 10 workspace Blind duplicates are used to send duplicate messages to multiple recipients without disclosing all of them. You can send emails to a large number of people using this method without sharing their names or email addresses with anyone else.

12 of 30 Link your Google or iPhone calendar to your Outlook data with the Outlook Phone App Mareen Fischinger / Getty Images Set them in a situation to coordinate with your Outlook plan so every one of your devices show comparable events and game plans.

13 of 30: Creating a Distribution List with Outlook A person types on a laptop with their email open.

By creating your own mailing lists in Outlook, you can easily send messages to groups of people. Rawpixel / Pixabay Home clients who need admittance to a corporate dissemination list benefit incredibly from utilizing a DIY list.

14 of 30 A couple holding an enormous envelope. Backup or copy your Outlook contacts, email, and other data.

Aum / Rawpixel Create a backup of your Outlook email, contacts, and calendars to avoid losing them in the event of a hard drive failure or Outlook’s inability to function. The files in this data’s Personal Folders (.pst) folder should be copied as backups. To create a backup, all that is required is to copy the file to a new location.

15 of 30: Change the default Outlook account using her laptop in the kitchen.

Roy James Shakespeare/Getty Images When you open a new Outlook message, the default account chooses which settings, like the sending email address and signature, will be used. Set the default account when multiple Outlook accounts are connected.

16 of 30 Set the Default Message Format Directly Above A Shot of the Default Text Created From Toy Blocks on a Table Roberto Pangiarella / Getty Images You do not have to select your preferred message format each time you create a new message. You can do this by selecting the option directly above the image. Make your preferred settings the default in Outlook.

17 out of 30 send emails automatically: All Mail You Send The computer network database alexsl / Getty Images If you need to copy someone on every message you send or if you back up your messages to an email account, Outlook can send a carbon copy of every message you write to another email address on its own.

18 of 30 Increase the Outlook Attachment Size Cap A close-up of a group of paperclips arranged on a gray surface.

/ Pixabay: B_Me If you have any desire to communicate something specific with a connection yet Standpoint won’t let you in light of the fact that the connection is too enormous, change as far as possible for connections in Viewpoint. Set the limit to match that of your email server to prevent emails from being returned as undeliverable. In addition, making this change helps to prevent Outlook errors that are not necessary.

19 of 30 How to Export Outlook Contacts to a CSV File by Devon Pankiw / Pexels A computer screen displaying a CSV file by Devon Pankiw / Pexels You can still access your contacts even after you delete Outlook. If you save your Outlook contacts as a CSV file, you can easily import them into other programs.

20 of the 30 ways to import contacts into Outlook using Excel or a CSV file Chinese girls and communication tools visionchina / Getty Images Importing contacts into Outlook only requires a few straightforward steps. After that, you can, for example, use those contacts to create a mailing list. Imports are possible if the underlying file type is one that Outlook supports, like a CSV document.

21 of 30 How to open an All Mail Envelope Molotovcoketail/Getty Pictures With Standpoint’s inquiry capacities, finding a message when you want it is straightforward. By creating an All Mail folder for all of your messages, you can create a unified Outlook inbox that is even simpler to manage.

22 of 30 Outlook Schedule Emails A woman sitting next to a table with a laptop and a drink.

linashib / Twenty20 You can tell Outlook to send you a message on or after a specific date. The ideal messages to send later are reminders, birthday wishes, and other messages of a similar nature that you intend to send today but will not send until a later time.

23 of 30 View the Complete Message Source A brand-new email message is displayed on a computer screen Epoxydude / Getty Images When retrieving emails from the internet, Outlook must preserve the original message source. Full headers are helpful when solving a problem or proving a fact about a message’s receipt.

24 of 30: How to Edit a Received Email in Outlook Rawpixel/pxhere Outlook makes editing received emails simple. Using this method, you can make adjustments to subject lines and other important information.

25 of 30: Send an Email as an Attachment Ulf Wittrock / Getty Images In Outlook, attach the email in its entirety and in its original state. Close-up of Void Paper Holding tight Yellow Foundation with Paperclip Connection This keeps the first message’s all’s metadata, which is valuable for investigating and lawful issues specifically.

26 of 30 unmistakable email beneficiaries with commas zoomed into a console on a Chromebook.

Use commas to separate multiple email addresses in a message. Ian Mildon / IanMildon.com Viewpoint utilizes semicolons as a matter of course, yet you can change the separator to commas in the event that you need.

27 of 30: Quickly Find All Mail From a Single Sender In Outlook, you can quickly locate all mail from a single sender. Outlook stores all messages from a specific sender in a folder unless you permanently delete one. Use this feature to quickly locate them for future reference.

28 of 30 How to Remove an Address from Outlook’s Auto-Complete List Sam Edwards / Getty Images Hands typing on laptop If Outlook remembers an email address you mistyped or if you want to get rid of an old name, remove the unwanted entries from the auto-complete list that appears when you type an email address in the To field.

29 of 30 How to Restore an Outlook PST File for Mail, Contacts, and Data Daniel Diebel / Getty Images From a backup copy, you can recover important Outlook data like messages, your address book, and your calendar. This essential email data needs to be restored using a saved copy of your PST file.

30 of 30 Automatically Send Mail from a Specific Sender to a Specific Folder Outlook open on a Windows 10 laptop Zlatko Plamenov / Freepik If you receive emails from a specific sender that you need to save for later reference, you can set up Outlook to automatically send those messages to a specific folder as soon as they are received. You’ll be able to better organize your inbox with this. Start with a message and then set up an Outlook filter to move all of the sender’s subsequent emails to a specific folder.

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