There are several methods that developers use to try to prevent cheating in Escape From Tarkov. Developers know that it’s impossible to get rid of cheaters completely, especially when they have already paid for the game. Thus, they use a number of methods to combat the issue.

One of the most effective methods is a built-in anti-cheat system. Escape From Tarkov features an automatic system that can ban players for various reasons. The software keeps an eye on user behaviour, and bans players when it detects any signs of Tarkov hacks. It can also be configured to ban users based on IP address, region, device, etc.

Another way developers try to eliminate cheating is by using in-game data analysis. Cheating is not limited to a single source or area, so a developer must have a huge amount of information about how a player behaves. Data can come from anywhere, including server logs, social media, web traffic, in-game chats, etc. Cheat detection in Escape From Tarkov takes place using multiple systems which are constantly updated.

Third, developers keep track of what players have bought and what items they have obtained. In case a cheater has bought certain content or items for real money, the developer will know about it immediately.

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