The term “quick turn” refers to PCBs that can be assembled and fabricated quickly. In the business of quick-turn flex circuits, this implies more productivity and supplies capabilities of a manufacturer. It also suggests they can successfully deliver bulk supplies on time with high-precision PCBs. 

The Rigid And The Flexible

When you refer to PCBs, there is a reference to the conventional rigid PCB and the more innovative version, which is a flexible PCB. 

  • The rigid PCB is the conventional example of a rigid circuit board.  It is a solid structured PCB that is not bendable or flexible. 
  • The rigid PCB comes with several layers. It comprises a substrate level, a copper level, a solder mask level, and a silkscreen level. These are bound by the use of adhesive and heat. 
  • Just as the name suggests, the flexible PCB is a bendable and flexible circuit board. 
  • The flex PCB comprises a metallic layer which is usually copper bound to a dielectric level which is usually polyimide.
  • Due to the flexibility of their structure, the flex PCB can be folded and used suitably for high-end applications. 

What Is The Rigid-Flex PCB 

It is commonplace for a rigid-flex PCB manufacturer to have a profitable business when they are engaged in manufacturing a hybrid PCB. It is an ideal combination that brings together the best features of the rigid and flexible PCB. 

  • 3D applications make rigid-flex PCBs easy to store and preserve. 
  • The hybrid form of the PCB minimizes the use of connectors and joints among the rigid parts. It subsequently reduces the board and system weight. 
  • The number of parts on this board is reduced considerably. 
  • The absence of soldering has increased connection efficiency and reliability. 
  • The PCB assembly process has been simplified in the hybrid board. 
  • The assembling handling is easier in the rigid-flex PCB. 
  • The integrated ZIF contacts have enabled a simpler form of modular interface. 

The rigid-flex PCB has considerably simplified test conditions and enabled a full test before installation. The hybrid board has also reduced the costs of production for manufacturing companies and brought about a quick turn. 

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