What makes Amazing Charts EMR and AdvancedMd so talked about and above in the game? We can easily understand both these softwares by shining a light on their features, pricing, and demos. Not only that, but we also share our honest opinions about each of the softwares so you can feel at ease.

Amazing Charts EMR Software 

Amazing Charts was created by a family physician who wanted to give small and independent practices access to simple-to-use medical technology. Incredible Charts offers effective solutions for charting, e-prescribing, messaging, bill coding, and many more functions.

Amazing Charts EMR Features

Ease of Deployment

Amazing Charts EHR is available for deployment both on-premises and in the cloud. Maintenance and troubleshooting will be handled for you if you choose their “Amazing Charts in The Cloud” service. Additionally, they will offer VPN-free 24/7 access, pre-configured dashboards, remote scanning and printing, and device-agnostic access.

Patient Portal

Thanks to the patient portal feature, you may interact with your patients more frequently inside and outside of the clinic. Patient portals within the app offer functions, including electronic messaging, educational materials, visit summaries, test results, and more.


You can access all of your crucial data points and screens from a single dashboard. Also, users can navigate through the patient data on this dashboard (such as demographics, diagnoses, history, visits, summaries, etc).

Amazing Charts EMR Pricing 

The cost of Amazing Charts, according to the vendor, is around $35*/seat/month (or $199*/user), and it also includes a one-time service license for $1200*/clinician and an annual fee for the “Guardian Angel Support and Maintenance” plan of $1,195*/clinician.

Amazing Charts EMR Demo

Incredible Charts allows members to explore the site before committing fully by offering a timed trial run of its programs. This provision and the demo screening are strongly advised if using the EHR is on your bucket list.

Amazing Charts EMR Reviews

User Amazing charts reviews suggest that if you seek complete cloud-based EHR capabilities and practice management solutions, this software is for you.

AdvancedMD EMR Software 

The cloud-based, mobile-first AdvancedMD EHR suite has enough adaptability to fit into the workflows of most businesses seamlessly. It was developed especially for hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Several healthcare organizations utilize it to manage funds, automate billing, arrange appointments, view patient information, monitor patient health, and provide telehealth care.

AdvancedMD EMR Features

Appointment Scheduling

By moving their mouse over the calendar, users of medical scheduling applications can swiftly access appointments and patient data. The number of no-shows can be decreased by tracking patient visits, scheduling repeat appointments, and sending automated patient reminders.

Patient Portal

Patients can request office appointments, examine lab results, pay bills, and communicate with their doctors using its patient portal. Physicians can communicate with patients through the portal, handle requests for prescription renewals, and issue alerts and notifications.


Telemedicine technologies make face-to-face conference calls easier, which also protect the transfer of still photos or high-resolution screenshots from video conferences and save them in patient files in conformity with HIPAA regulations. 

AdvancedMD EMR Pricing 

There are several plans available to meet the needs of different practice types, depending on the specific features and capabilities that a medical practice wants. The three main Advancedmd pricing tiers are Essential, Professional, and Ultimate, with prices per provider of $249, $349, and $449, respectively. 

AdvancedMD EMR Demo

A demo can be scheduled if you want to see how the software works and if it’s up to the mark.

AdvancedMD EMR Reviews

More than 70% of the evaluations that addressed the system’s modification were pleased with the alterations that could be purchased as system add-ons.

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Amazing Charts EMR Vs. AdvancedMD Software—Final Thoughts 

Amazing Charts has obtained HIPAA and Meaningful Use certifications. With cutting-edge EHR software, you can constantly satisfy your client’s demands and have the most accurate picture of their health and operations for billing purposes. If clinicians get depressed due to stress at work, your business could suffer thousands of dollars in losses. EHR software makes their workflow less hectic, and communicating with their administrative and support staff is straightforward.

AdvancedMD, on the other hand, is known for the usage of the patient portal that allows for considerably greater patient involvement throughout the entire healthcare process by enabling them to connect with their doctors online, obtain medicine refills, examine test results, and more. It helps optimize workflows by integrating a full facility with numerous departments, other pharmacies, and labs thanks to its integrative capabilities and customizable templates. The system receives real-time updates of patient information, giving doctors all the data they require to treat patients effectively.

In the end, your personal research should not stop here, be sure to make more comparisons and read as many user reviews as possible. 

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