A filler used to fill a cavity, such as in the mouth or around a tooth, is called a dental implant. Revolax Deep is a type of dental implant that is usually made from a plastic material. It will last for about six months.

A filling may also be called a filling or crown. When your tooth wears down or becomes decayed, you will need to replace it with a filling. There are two kinds of dental fillings. Porcelain fillings and composite fillings.

The porcelain is a colored filling that looks like the tooth itself. Composite fillings are used to fill cavities. They are a combination of resin and revolax deep metal. You may also hear that they look like enamel. They do look like the enamel, but it is only a small part of the filling. Sometimes, dental fillings are made from gold.

Gold fillings don’t come in a porcelain form, but are instead shaped like a tooth. They can be used to fill cavities and to restore teeth that have been badly damaged. If your filling wears down or starts to crack, then you may need a dental restoration or crown. The crown will fit over the filling. It will cover the top part of the filling, leaving only a tiny gap where the filling meets the tooth.

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