Hiring a reliable and trustworthy cleaner or a cleaning company for domestic help is challenging. If you have not hired one before, you become more cautious about allowing a stranger into your home. 

Hiring a professional cleaning service make you productive, healthier, and stress-free. It is essential with a big home, kids, and pets. An efficient cleaner offers you a scrubbed, washed, and sanitized home perfectly within a few hours. 

Multiple commercial and residential cleaning providers deliver exceptional customer service and high-quality expertise. This article can assist you if you need help with daily home chores but do not know about hiring full-time or part-time maids in Dubai

We have listed below the right question you can ask before hiring cleaning services in Dubai. 


7 Must-Ask Questions Before Hiring Maid Services in Dubai

Before finalizing any company for housekeeping services, you need to look for factors such as price, experience, customer service, license, etc. 

Here you will find the seven must-ask questions that you can pen down. They will lead you to make the right decision in hiring monthly or part-time maids in Dubai

1. How Many Years of Experience Do They Have?

In your search for home and office cleaning services, one of the most vital questions you must ask is how many years of experience they have in cleaning services, especially in residential cleaning. You can ask this question about the company or for a specific cleaner. 

With experience, you can share your queries about the professional training of the cleaners. If you want to hire part-tim e housekeepers for specific home chores, you can ask about their experience in those services.  

The benefit of experienced cleaners is that they are more efficient and active in providing satisfactory services. 

2. How Many Services Are They Offering?

Maid cleaning service providers offer a standard package for cleaning services. But it does not work with all clients. Some customers require extra assistance with these standard packages, such as ironing, laundry, etc. 

Before calling any company for help, it is better to list down your required services. It will help you to find a suitable company according to your needs. Then, search for cleaning companies that provide multiple services with the flexibility of extra time. Go for the one with more options for cleaning services. It will prove more convenient if you need additional assistance. 

3. What About Cleaning Equipment & Supplies

Ask about the cleaning equipment and supplies. Choose the company that is responsible for providing all essential tools and products. That is how you can save money and will get efficient services. 

If they are providing supplies, ask about the quality. It is essential to hire a service partner that offers eco-friendly, biodegradable, and non-toxic cleaning materials. They are safe for your family and pets. If you are allergic to certain chemicals, you can inform the company. They will provide services with the best alternative. You can also share the details of a desired product.

4. Ask About the Background of Cleaners

In many theft cases, home cleaners are involved. Checking the background and police records of the cleaners is the most vital factor in hiring full-time or part-time maids in Dubai. Whether you are contacting an individual for cleaning services or a company, it is necessary for both situations. 

Selecting cleaners from service partners is better. They hire people after a complete background check, and they are responsible for their acts. It is also not hard to get the required information from the service providers to secure yourself. 

You can also take necessary precautions before the arrival of hired cleaners. 

5. How Much Do They Charge?

It is perfect if you get a customized quote instead of a fixed price in your search for full-time or part-time maid services. Customized quote benefits more if you want to add multiple services to your cleaning package. 

Getting quotes before hiring services also has more perks, like you have a clear idea of the final charges, and you do not need to pay the additional costs at the end. You will find flexibility in charges when you search the market. Go for the company that asks for a reasonable price without compromising service quality.

6. Do They Offer a Solid Guarantee 

The reliability of any cleaning company depends on its guarantee. It is essential to know what the company will do in the following situations:

  • What if you are not happy with the service quality? 
  • Will the company do something to make it right?
  •  What compensation will you get in case of any mishappening? 

Unexpected things happen, but the main thing is your response to them. Cleaning service providers for full-time or part-time maids in Dubai have different policies. Before choosing the company, ensure a solid guarantee. Ask about the company’s policy regarding any breakage or damage. 

7. What Do People Say About Them?

If you want to know what people say about the company you want to hire, check their reviews. Reliable and trustworthy service providers always have customers’ reviews and feedback on their platforms. 

Check the website and social media accounts, and get an idea of the customer service, service quality, punctuality, cleaning equipment, etc. You will not find 100% positive comments because it is not possible. But read every review and focus on how the company responds to complaints. 

You can also take recommendations from your circle. If your friend or neighbor knows a reliable and trusted cleaning service provider, it will be great to hire them. 

Wrap Up

To enjoy the benefits of professional cleaning services, don’t forget to follow these queries. We are confident these questions will help you to find the perfect cleaning service provider that will match your needs. 

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