Porcelain has come a long way since the sinks of yesteryear and the long-lasting floor tile that we all adore and rely on. Due to the numerous advantages of Porcelain Slabs for sale in Orange County over other materials, extra-large format porcelain slabs have swept the remodeling industry. Find out more about this contemporary substitute for quarried stone!

Most surfaces are weaker than porcelain!

Porcelain, which typically scores a 7 on the Mohs scale, is comparable to quartz in hardness to many natural stones. In addition, porcelain is more durable, practical, and strong than other similar surface options. Heat, stains, scratches, chemicals, and even UV light can’t harm this tough material. This indicates that porcelain can be used outdoors without fading!

Porcelain requires little upkeep and is hygienic!

Because wholesale quartz slabs for sale in Southern California are a dense, nonporous material, sealers are not required to protect their surface. Additionally, the material will resist the accumulation of allergens, mold, and bacteria, which is a quality that is highly desired in this new normal. Porcelain, unlike natural stone, does not require gentle cleaners and can withstand common cleaning products.

The size of porcelain has a lot to offer!

Slabs made of porcelain come in larger sizes than those made of natural stone, which reduces or sometimes eliminates the need for seams. They are also significantly lighter and thinner than natural stone slabs. Additionally, porcelain can be made in a variety of thicknesses, making it extremely adaptable to any project.

Porcelain needs experts who know the item!

Since porcelain is a newer technology, you’ll need a skilled fabricator (we know best!). Because of their lightness and thinness, handling and transporting porcelain slabs safely necessitates the use of specialized tools and training. A level, steady surface (something like ⅛ inch change over a 10ft region) is essential for establishment. Porcelain can be installed over solid surfaces that are already in place on the countertop or vertical surface, but slabs should not be applied directly to cabinets that are attached to the plywood.

Back buttering is suggested and large-format tile mortar is required. Because of the nature of the material, porcelain slabs can only be purchased with an edge that is mitered. Porcelain has thankfully been gaining popularity at an exponential rate, enabling an increasing number of individuals to become familiar with the product.

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