If you have bleeding in your anal area, you might feel like you’re bleeding internally and need medical attention. This could be a sign that you have internal hemorrhoids or a condition called anal fissure. You can usually tell when you have hemorrhoids by noticing blood, discharge, or a bulge around your anus.

You can also tell when you have an anal fissure by noticing something that looks like a piece of rubber or a blister that appears in your anus. If you experience a burning sensation while you use the bathroom, you might be suffering from an anal fissure.

You should talk to your doctor about what you feel and how you feel. In most cases, there is no cure for Proctozne Hc 2.5 hemorrhoids or anal fissures. However, there are medications that you can take to help reduce the pain or discomfort you may feel from hemorrhoids or anal fissures.

You will likely need to take a daily dose of one or two of these drugs for a few weeks to see improvement. After you’ve been using these medications, you may need to continue taking them for several weeks. You can usually stop using these medications after you feel that your symptoms are gone.

Proctocin is a prescription drug which is used to treat hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids are inflamed veins located in your rectum. A common problem with hemorrhoids is that they can cause bleeding. Proctocin is an over the counter medication which helps to ease these symptoms. It contains ointment which is applied on the affected area of the anus, and helps prevent bleeding. You should apply the ointment as directed by your doctor.

It can also be used as part of your treatment for anal fissure (a tiny crack in the anal canal). It is important to keep the affected area clean and dry, so that it does not get irritated. You may use an antiseptic ointment instead of Proctocin.

If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, don’t wait to see a doctor. He/she can examine you and provide you with a prescription if needed. Also, ask your pharmacist if there is anything else you should know about Proctocin. He/she can tell you if you need to call your doctor or the health care provider to ask for another prescription.

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