This process involves the assembly of material into finished pieces for a product. This process starts by cutting the lumber to size using a table saw. Then, the wood is trimmed to create the proper shape. After that, the wood is soaked in water and then dried. This dries out the wood. Then the wood is painted with a preservative and/or a stain to protect it. Lastly, the wood is put together to make a finished pallet.

Many businesses make use of wood pallets to transport goods across distances. A large number of businesses utilize pallets because they are cheap to produce and transport. It is important to choose the wood that will remain sturdy even when heavily loaded. Wooden pallets are often made from several pieces of wood glued together. This makes it much easier to transport the goods using pallets because the parts can be easily detached.

Wooden pallets are typically made with a specific design in mind. Usually, these are designed to hold containers, wood pallets boxes, crates and large objects, and are often rectangular. A number of different styles of pallets exist, however, and most are created to serve specific purposes.

Pallets can also be created from any type of wood, but most businesses use oak or southern yellow pine (SYP) because they are relatively easy to acquire and are durable. There is often a surplus of oak leftovers from markets like housing or furniture construction, which is then used in pallet production.

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