The plumbing system includes all the water, gas and fluid distribution networks in a building. The maintenance of plumbing systems is essential in homes, to ensure safety and efficiency. In this guide, let’s see what there is to know about plumbing.

What are plumbing fixtures in Lubbock Texas?

There are different types of plumbing systems: sanitary plumbing systems, heating systems, air conditioning systems, and gas systems. Let’s start with the first, the sanitary system, which includes the distribution networks of potable and non-potable water for domestic use, specifically the civil one for washing or for accumulation. The outflow network, or drain, is also part of the sanitary system. The heating system, on the other hand, is the system that allows the management of the room temperature: it works through the circulation of fluid inhibited by a heat source, such as a boiler. We generally speak of a “thermal system” to indicate the heating functions, but it also includes air conditioning, i.e. when it works to generate fresh air inside the house. It is therefore more correct to speak of a heating or cooling circuit to indicate the entire water network used for these functions. Finally, the gas pipeline system, which starts from the meter and is connected to the main utilities or energy appliances that release the fuel leakage into appliances such as boilers, ovens, and water conditioners.

How is a plumbing system made in Lubbock Texas?

The starting point of a hydraulic system is the delivery point of the meter which extends up to the utilities through the adduction columns. The plumbing system manages two types of water:

– black water, directed to the sewer. They are waste or disposal waters that are channeled into the vertical pipe of the building precisely for disposal in the sewers or in the septic tank;
– clearwater (white wastewater, rainwater, and neutralized condensate discharge), supplied, under pressure, for the inflow of water – potable and non-potable – which guarantees needs such as hygiene, cleaning, washing and ‘accumulation.

The sanitary water system is intercepted at the beginning of each floor by a stop key, a visible valve, for manual use, which intercepts the incoming pressurized water and determines its flow. The main key isolates the whole system, the other keys isolate individual parts (such as the water heater). The plant continues in the pipes, once made of iron, now made of heat-melting plastic alloys, joined together more easily and quickly than in the past. In the pipes we find some of the auxiliary systems for the outflow, such as the breather, which allows the dissolution of bad smells in the air, the siphons which hold a small quantity of black water to block the leakage of malodorous air.

How much does a plumbing cost in Lubbock Texas?

The cost of a plumbing system varies according to the size of the surfaces to be worked on. As a guide, however, to build a plumbing system in the kitchen, where there is a single water point, you spend between 800.00 and 900.00 euros. For a bathroom of about 10 square meters, with four water points, it costs between 900.00 and 1,300.00 euros, to which is added the price of sanitary ware and taps. The construction of a system, for example during a renovation, in its entirety, can cost from 2000 to 4000 euros, plus taps and materials. Click Here For Residential Plumbing in Lubbock Texas

Is it possible to redo the plumbing without breaking the floor of the house in Lubbock Texas?

The plumbing system is not always created from scratch, in a new building or during a renovation: in old houses or, in the event of major breakdowns, it may happen that it is necessary to redo the plumbing system. It is one of the most demanding jobs to be faced in a house, especially if it is inhabited: the traditional and most widespread method, in fact, involves the total replacement of the system, i.e. the destruction of the existing one and the creation of a new one. In fact, it’s a renovation. Alternatively, there are innovative non-destructive methods, which allow you to redo the plumbing without breaking the floor of the house or the walls. One of these is relining: it consists of rebuilding the pipes entirely from the inside, taking advantage of the pre-existing accesses to the pipe system. A specific plastic composite, made of polyester and reinforced with glass fiber, is applied to the internal surface of the pipes: as it hardens, this creates a “new pipe” inside the previously worn one. This new structure can last up to fifty years.

Home plumbing system compliance statement in Lubbock Texas:

In any case, whether it is a construction from scratch, a renovation or a replacement, all plumbing systems are always subject to certification of conformity: it is a declaration that is compulsorily issued by the technician, in every type of installation or modification of the plant. This document attests to the correct execution of the plumbing work and state-of-the-art installation. It is, in other words, an “acceptance of responsibility” by the technician.

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