There is a special type of writing called thangka in Buddhism. They are created to be read while meditating. Thangkas are painted on a scroll with various symbols and illustrations that help you to concentrate. In fact, these paintings also help to teach you about religion. Many people use them to study religious texts. Thangkas are important because they help us to remember important teachings.

As you might have guessed, the process of creating a thangka is very time-consuming. It requires years of training to create them. Because of the fact that it takes a long time to create a single one, it is very expensive.

The cost of a thangka that has been made from the very beginning will easily exceed a million dollars. There are many different types of Buddhism, and all of what is thangka them have their own unique thangkas. Most Buddhist monks have many thangkas on display in their temples.

Their purpose is to help people to concentrate and meditate. They can be found everywhere, but especially in Buddhist monasteries.

What makes thangkas very different from other types of art is that the purpose of thangka is more spiritual. They are not only for decoration. They help the people who are practicing Buddhism to understand the teachings of Buddha better.

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