Synthetic products are the same products that can be made without using natural materials. The most commonly-used synthetic substances include polyvinyl chloride, polyethylene, rubber, and nylon. Polyvinyl chloride is used for making plastic products, such as plastic bags and bottles, and plastic films. This product is also used in the manufacturing of vinyl flooring, pipes, vinyl siding, and synthetic carpets.

Polyethylene is an oil or gas that is purified in order to make it useful. This product is also used to make bags, bottles, liners, buckets, and many other products. Rubber is a synthetic material that can be found in tires, gaskets, shoe soles, and gloves. Rubber synthetic cocaine can be found as either natural or synthetic. Natural rubber is usually from a tree, and synthetic rubber is usually made from petrochemicals.

Nylon is a nylon product that can be found in various forms. For example, a nylon rope can be found in the form of an artificial grass. New fuels can also be created by using chemicals. One of the most popular is ethanol. It is used in fuel-burning engines in order to reduce the amount of carbon monoxide in the exhaust.

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