NLP School In Dubai

The cost includes lunch from a buffet, two coffee breaks each day, training materials, and certification fees.

Prices are per person and do not include the 5% VAT.

Program to Become a Certified NLP Master Practitioner

Duration: 9 full days of hands-on training with NlpTech in Dubai, totaling 120+ hours of blended learning.

Dates of the classroom sessions:

02–10 September 2023

Time: daily from 9 am to 5 pm

Certified Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy (CMPH), NLP Master Practitioner (ABNLP), and Neuro-Semantics Practitioner (ISNS)

Please take note that only participants who have successfully completed their NLP Practitioner program with NlpTech as their trainer will be awarded certificate number 3 above (Neuro-Semantics Practitioner).

As part of the requirements for the NLP Master Practitioner certification, the participant must submit a modeling assignment. During the session, the modeling project’s specifics will be covered.


Certified Practitioner of NLP


Where you can learn nlp institute in dubai the fundamentals of NLP is in the Master Practitioner program. Excellence modeling is fundamental to NLP. You will discover how to facilitate those results for your Coaching clients as well as how to regularly generate the results you want for yourself in Master Practitioner.

In addition to learning from others about how to get the outcomes you desire, you will gain knowledge about the attitudes, actions, emotions, beliefs, values, and purposes that motivate you to achieve success.

You will be able to master the skills you learned in your practitioner program as well as learn new ones to further your understanding of NLP and coaching. In this Modular Certification Program, we’ll go over how NLP may be used for both personal and professional success in greater detail.

By completing this course, you’ll improve your communication skills, your ability to read people, and your understanding of body language. You can use NLP more easily than ever before and use multiple skills at once if you have improved body language reading abilities and linguistic nuance. For both you and your clients, you will be able to create brand-new, original tactics.

We’ll also go through some more ways that NLP is used in contemporary business:

NLP and Business, Sales NLP, and Leadership Development.

Changes in conversation can be induced at an unconscious level (Milton Model),

How to properly use NLP to enhance presentation skills.

How to properly use NLP to enhance learning (Accelerated learning techniques)

NLP New Code (John Grinder Method of utilizing States and Unconscious Mind)

Learn to coach teams and groups via group coaching.

Inciting Coaching (Learn to use Provocative verbal and non-verbal stances for Provocative Coaching)

You will do an NLP Modelling Project as part of this curriculum on a subject of your choice to get the outcomes you desire for yourself.

Depending on the requirements of the group, we may also include any additional topic(s) that we believe will be useful to the participants in addition to the ones indicated above. We uphold the flexibility that NLP is all about in each and every one of our programs.

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