A travel and tourism industry is a very important part of the world’s economy. There are two ways of making money from travel and tourism: o Leisure tourism o Business tourism We all know that the travel and tourism industry is a very big business today.

Most of the major airlines are in the travel and tourism business. They provide transportation services to tourists and businesses. These airlines are the largest companies in the airline industry today. The second largest company in this business is the airline industry. The industry is called business tourism because it involves selling packages Travel & Tourism to tourists and businesses.

It has two kinds of travel products: o Domestic travel products o International travel products Most travel and tourism industry companies sell these products to businesses and tourists. Airlines and cruise lines also sell travel products to tourists. There are different kinds of travel packages that an airline can offer.

The following are the most common travel packages available to travelers: o Low cost travel products o Vacation travel packages o Short break travel packages o Long term travel packages o Seasonal travel products An airline can offer its travel products to both domestic and international travelers. Some airlines even offer travel products to businesspeople.

This includes travel packages for businesspeople. An airline can also offer travel products to groups such as school and church groups, military personnel and youth groups. There are various benefits to travel and tourism. This includes:

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