Discomforts Due To An Impaired Urinary System

The symptoms of urinary tract disorders raise so much tension for health. This is because being affected by urinary tract disease means dealing with a complicated health issue. The patient may have to go through unbearable health problems. However, instead of being downcast about the condition, approach one of the Best Urologist in Punjab

See A Urologist Immediately

It will help if you reach out to a urinary care expert on experiencing the symptoms of UTIs. A urologist is a medical professional having expertise in curing all types of distress related to the urinary tract. So consider having a consultation with one of the Best Urology in Ludhiana if one goes through the following health sufferings. 

  • Poor Bladder Control

Urinary incontinence is one of the most common urinary health illnesses, but it is quite troublesome at the same time. The severity of this condition differs with the immunity and the current health situation of the affected person. People with urinary incontinence experience intense urges to urinate suddenly and usually don’t succeed in reaching the toilet on time.

  • Pain During Urination

Experiencing pain while urinating is also a clear indication of a urinary tract disorder. Normal medicines won’t work if the pain is intense. Furthermore, you may also have difficulty in starting or maintaining urination due to pain. Kidney stones, prostate cancer, yeast infection, STIs, and bladder stones can trigger this urination problem.

  • Blood In Urine

If one notices blood in pee, visit a urinary care centre as soon as possible. This is because having blood in urine isn’t normal. Coloured urine may occur due to a lack of water in the body, but blood in urine could be a symptom of severe urinary disease. 

  • Urge To Urinate A Number Of Times A Day

A person affected with a UTI may feel an increased urge to urinate. As a result, the patient will use the toilet more than usual for urination. Waking up in the middle of the night or going to the restroom, even if the bladder is empty, indicates bad urinary tract health.

  • Facing Difficulty In keeping Erection

Erectile dysfunction can occur due to an impaired urinary system. Men suffering from erection problems usually feel unconfident or inferior. Well, instead of being downcast, schedule an appointment with a urologist. After the treatment, the patient can enjoy their sexual life like before. 

  • Pain In The Lower Abdomen

If you have a urinary tract illness, you may suffer from stomach discomfort. Usually, this health issue arises due to kidney stones. This symptom can further cause fever, nausea, and above mentioned urination problems. 

  • To Test Male Infertility

A urologist can help determine the reason for male infertility. So if you face trouble conceiving naturally, visit a urology clinic. You may have to undergo medical examinations such as hormone testing, post-ejaculation urinalysis, genetic testing, Testicular testing, etc. 

Avail Effective Diagnosis At This Place

In case you ever experience health problems related to a urinary tract disease, consider contacting Khosla Stone Kidney & Surgical Centre.

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