WhatsApp, the most extensively used communication app with two billion active users, allows its users to share text messages, multimedia, locations, and money. Businesses can use this messaging app for business purposes—schedule payment and cart reminders and automatically send business messages to customers. All individual and business users can use WhatsApp Business APIs to send and schedule messaging that drives engagement and sales.

WhatsApp Business API is an app program interface allowing businesses to accept and answer infinite WhatsApp messages. It was created by Facebook in August 2018, generally offers medium and large business enterprises tailored solutions for enhancing customer engagement through WhatsApp.

WhatsApp messages have been a game changer in this world of instant messaging. Now, let’s go through the article to understand how businesses can send WhatsApp messages and schedule WhatsApp messages to smoothen their business messaging and get a competitive edge, riding high on the back of WhatsApp business API.

Why There is a Need To Shift To WhatsApp Business?

WhatsApp is an excellent platform where business enterprises can comprehensively meet their target audience customers. It is quite helpful for communicating with customers in a friendly manner. Look at why businesses need to use WhatsApp for business.

WhatsApp is a go-to platform for messaging due to its convenience of using. Every second, 1.1 million messages are sent. Now, businesses can imagine the level of engagement through the WhatsApp platform.

Compared to email communication platforms, WhatsApp messages ensure a higher open rate. So, businesses can make a big difference in customer communication with WhatsApp.

Businesses can reply to customer queries at a faster pace with automated messages, and it helps in  increasing customer satisfaction and leads to a higher conversion rate.

This platform lets businesses make faster conversations using rich media.

How To Schedule And Send A Scheduled Message On Whatsapp?

A large number of WhatsApp users search for how to schedule WhatsApp messages on Android or MacOS.  WhatsApp Scheduler feature makes things easy for all.

How To Schedule WhatsApp Messages On Android

Go to the Play Store. Download the WhatsApp Message Scheduler App. Get access from Settings >> Accessibility>> Services. Then, enable the toggle for the app.

Open the app and tap on the ‘+’ icon.

Choose a WhatsApp contact or group. After this, select the time and date.

After this, users need to type their message and schedule the same.

Finally, tap the ‘Create’ button. This way, you can easily and successfully schedule a WhatsApp message.

Remember that the user can’t schedule multiple messages and texts simultaneously.

How To Schedule WhatsApp Messages On IPhone?

Like Android, iPhone also provides  WhatsApp messaging service. But Apple cares a lot about user privacy. Hence, scheduling WhatsApp messages on iOS and iPhone isn’t easy to schedule and send. Thanks to Siri shortcuts that enable businesses to schedule business messages on WhatsApp.

First, users should search for and install the Shortcuts application from the App Store.

Next, open the app and choose Automation.

Move ahead and tap on the ‘+’ icon in the top right corner. Now, tap “create personal automation”.

After this, the user needs to pick a time and date. Tap on ‘next’.

Then, tap on “Add Action”. Now, search ‘Text’ displayed in the search bar. Choose “Text” from the results.

Add a favorite WhatsApp message by writing something in the text field.

After the user types the message, tap the ‘+’ icon. 

Now, type “WhatsApp” in the search bar shown on the pop-up.

Here the user will get the dropdown. Here, users need to click on “Send Message Through WhatsApp”. 

Now users can choose to contact anyone they wish to schedule WhatsApp messages. Then, toggle to Next > Done.

Advantages Of Using WhatsApp Business API

Nowadays, getting a WhatsApp API for business has become a vast trend. There is also a long list of benefits that all businesses can ensure once they start using a WhatsApp chatbot for their relevant business. Let’s have a look at some benefits of utilizing WhatsApp Business API that results in smooth and hassle-free business communication. 

Instant Responses

When businesses opt for WhatsApp API, it looks like automating customer responses. These responses are interactive and free from the influence of artificial intelligence. Such responses are vital for leaving customers engaged and satisfied. 

It is easy to interact with customers effectively with WhatsApp notifications and WhatsApp auto-reply features . Moreover, businesses can set up all sorts of messages and interact with customers 24/7. Some of the features like interactive list messages and dynamic reply buttons make WhatsApp an easy communication channel for all customers. 

Personalize Experiences 

WhatsApp employs many variables to personalize business messages. It is useful for fetching data from your added contacts and placing them in specific spaces in messages. When it comes to personalizing the experience, WhatsApp can support at least ten languages for interaction. Businesses can interact with their regional customers in their regional language with multilingual support. Ultimately, it helps in building trust and condense business relations.

Answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

While responding to frequently asked questions, WhatsApp lets businesses automate replies to all simple self-serve queries. When businesses opt for WhatsApp messaging, they can easily help their customers with quick responses to simple questions. When businesses have an exact keyword match, businesses can trigger WhatsApp replies. The instant messaging platform allows businesses to set up to 5 input messages and trigger a response with multiple keywords.

Send Payment Reminders

Whatsapp messaging platform can effectively help businesses  reduce the drop-offs. It is usual that customers forget to make payments on time, and businesses can use messages to remind them about their dues without disturbing them with annoying calls.

Businesses can send regular notifications to customers under the alert update template concerning the due payments with the help of WhatsApp API. Now the WhatsApp payments feature has made it easy for customers to instantly and safely clear their dues over WhatsApp instantly and safely.

All-In-One Agent For Complex Queries

Business solution providers help businesses get WhatsApp CRM. Once businesses have a CRM, they can easily hire a team of customer support representatives to handle the queries coming to them via WhatsApp. Customer support representatives can take customer queries in case of complex responses, and to do so, they need to offer customers an alternative to connect with customer support representatives. They can also automate responses in case of a complex query or a highly-qualified lead.


WhatsApp Business API is a secure and reliable channel for business communication,  It also plays a key role in driving customer engagement. This platform emerges as a unanimous choice to deliver customer support and encourage customer engagement. Instant and automatic WhatsApp messages make things easy for business communication. 

If you are running a business and want to enhance your customer reach you can also use a toll- free telephone number to connect with your targeted audience and grow exponentially by using these numbers. You can not only expand your customer database but also connect with your audience for queries and issues.

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