How to make a plumbing system: do it yourself and the basic rules

In this article, we talk about how to make plumbing.

We know that do-it-yourself is a gift, an art, almost a philosophy of life: it starts by hanging a picture, repainting the furniture in the children’s bedroom, and in an instant you find yourself arranging sockets, connecting cables, and revolutionizing the kitchen. Earl Plumbing is Famous in Lubbock Texas

DIY: either you love it or you hate it in Lubbock Texas.

Do-it-yourself enthusiasts can be recognized immediately: precise, attentive, and almost maniacal. They can spend hours choosing the right screw or Allen while completely ignoring the world around them. They force their wives, children, grandchildren, and pets to spend entire afternoons at their favorite hardware store losing track of time. Once one project is finished, they immediately move on to the next, in a continuum of small repairs and more significant interventions.

And then there are those who can’t drive in a nail without peeling off the plaster, those who can’t get the right size and haven’t yet figured out the difference between an Allen and a wrench. West Tech Plumbing You can try this

So if you belong to this second category, don’t read this article!

We have not gone insane and are dedicated to self-sabotage. But this article is dedicated only to those who are truly prepared and have, in addition to good manual skills, also valid plumbing skills. The plumbing system is not only of fundamental importance for our everyday life, but its malfunction, or simple leaks can cause structural damage to buildings: we all know how much a single drop of water can gouge a rock! For Residential Plumbing in Lubbock Texas

How to make a plumbing system: everything you need to know
Plumbing is an essential component of every building and every home.

Its functions are essentially two in Lubbock TX:

the distribution of food and sanitary water: drinking water;
the disposal of wastewater: black water, i.e. organic residues, soapy residues or even rainwater.

Our plumbing systems consist of several parts in Lubbock TX:

  • Tthe adduction columns: through which the hydraulic system of the building is connected to the municipal aqueduct;
  • The pipes: which carry the clear water to each individual room and which convey the black water to the sewage system;
  • Autoclave: it is not always present in all plumbing systems, but only when the water pressure is not sufficient to reach the upper floors of the buildings;
  • The stopcock: of fundamental importance. The main tap has the function of isolating the water flows to and from the apartments;
  • The manifold: it ensures the distribution of the condominium water between the various components of the domestic plumbing system.

The materials used and the types in Lubbock TX:

Now let’s see the materials with which a hydraulic system can be created, according to current regulations

  • Galvanized steel;
  • Black steel;
  • Stainless steel;
  • Copper;
  • Polypropylene;
  • multilayer material: composed of a polyethylene pipe covered with a layer of aluminum and another in plastic;

As far as equipment is concerned, we bet that your toolbox is well stocked, but before starting work, we advise you to make a small selection of everything you have and might need. Finding yourself without the right tool at the time of need is never pleasant!

There are two main types of plumbing that you can build:

diverted hydraulic system: it consists of installing a main pipe that will be diverted for each individual user
manifold hydraulic system.

Let’s see in detail the two types in the following paragraphs and how to make them.

Diversion hydraulic system:

Creating a diversion plumbing system is simple. As you can imagine, it is a question of installing a main pipe which will be diverted for each user via specific connectors called TEEs through which the water is brought to all domestic environments (bathroom, kitchen, terrace, laundry room, …) and to all bathroom fixtures and appliances (washing machine and dishwasher).

The connection or junction points must not be visible but covered by tiles. This is the main disadvantage of this type of plumbing system, because in the event of a breakdown or leak it is necessary to break the floor or wall tiles.

Manifold hydraulic system:

To create a hydraulic manifold system it is necessary to install a hydraulic manifold in a special box on a wall to which all the utilities of the hydraulic system are then connected.

We have seen that creating a do-it-yourself water system is not child’s play but it is a job that requires not only good manual skills but also profound technical knowledge. For this reason, we advise you not to improvise plumbers but to always contact a specialized company in case of doubts. If you need other advice on plumbing, keep reading our articles!

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