Choosing IT outsourcing is a careful choice. To safely outsource all or some of your IT needs, you need to choose the right partner. Geniez Web is one of the best IT Outsource Company in Pakistan So how do you do this? First, you should know that more and more French companies are resorting to outsourcing. According to a 2017 report by the CEGOS Observatory, more than 80% of Pakistani companies choose to outsource some of their business. This strategy has many advantages.

To choose the best service provider for your technology project, we recommend evaluating it on the basis of some key factors. According to Geniez Web, seven criteria for choosing the right service provider are:

Quote from IT Contractor

Don’t choose an IT outsourcing provider based solely on competitive pricing. Low prices may mask poor quality associated with poor organization or an assigned inexperienced profile, there is a risk this may or may not have been planned. For the sake of transparency, service providers should clearly and fully disclose the fees for each service they offer, according to their budget and expectations.

History of IT Outsourcing Companies

Examine service providers’ seniority in the business, average employee and project size, and turnover. Learn about their areas of expertise, the skills and jobs that are part of their résumé, and their expansion strategy, vision, and corporate culture. Also check each potential partner’s customer testimonials and what employees, the media, and the public have to say about the company in magazines and in print.

External Communication of IT Contractors

View activity on each provider’s website and presence on social networks and the most popular platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, etc.). Posts, blogs, vlogs, etc. of web agencies responsible for one or more of your IT services. It is a good idea to communicate regularly through and create conversations about their services, teams, and events. . Omens is a testament to how well-known its business is, its desire to grow and connect with its community, and its dynamism as a timeless digital company.

How IT Contractors Work

How IT subcontractors work, or processes, new technologies required (including development software such as Drupal and Symfony, web applications such as Drupal and Symfony), collaboration tools used, server performance and bandwidth, and IT personnel Evaluate Project management, daily or weekly meetings, etc. Meet with the operations team to assess the quality of internal or interdepartmental communication, organization, and oversight. Also remember that active service providers conduct an IT audit of their company to provide customized solutions.

IT Outsourcer Performance

Examine the quality processes implemented by your IT outsourcing provider and understand the quality control and assurance procedures they implement. Analyze key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure productivity, team dynamics, source code quality, and more. Check each subcontractor’s certification (certification or quality mark) to see if it meets industry standards. Learn about trends in this space and ask service providers if they are adopting agile or “disruptive” approaches to continuously improve efficiency and innovation.

Stability of IT Outsourcing Destination Countries

Check the stability rate of the country receiving foreign service. Whether onshoring, nearshoring or offshoring, it is important to determine the economic and legal environment in which the service provider will operate. Understand applicable regulations (particularly labour and data protection laws), energy and network access, and local practices. Make sure you can communicate in a common language with the dedicated team responsible for the IT function. So speaking the same language is beneficial.

Legal Obligations of IT Outsourcers

Ensure that digital outsourcing partners comply with anti-fraud and anti-corruption laws and other risk prevention laws in the countries and regions in which they operate. Compliance with Pakistani laws such as the Acts 2016-1691 and 2017-399, the Pakistan Bribery Act and the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA) is also important. In addition, subcontractors must comply with their legal obligations regarding undeclared work, in particular according to articles L.3241-1, L.8221-1 and L.8251-1 of the Pakistan Labor Code. In addition, the client must fulfill all the terms of the outsourcing agreement entered into with the company.

Make Right Choice

Now is the time to keep your outsourcing partner. Compare prices from different suppliers based on the references above. Remember that the relationship between a client company and its subcontractors must be based on trust. This is an important factor. This is actually a partnership between her two parties. An ideal outsourcing provider, offering services tailored to your needs and expectations, not only affordable but also flexible, listening to you from the beginning and specializing in IT outsourcing projects. knows how to show interest.

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