What is the bathroom plumbing like?

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Plumbing systems in a building are characterized by water, fluid, and gas distribution networks. A cold water pipe and a hot water pipe equipped with a siphon drain are connected to each sanitary ware.

For the design of a plumbing system it is necessary to have specific skills in order to achieve an excellent result both in terms of water efficiency and living comfort.

Specifically, to create a water system in the bathroom, the minimum distances between the various sanitary ware must be taken into consideration by inserting the drain and water pipes in the correct position. Click Here for Commercial Plumbing in Lubbock Texas

Plumbing project in Lubbock TX

Let’s see in general how to make a plumbing system.
The hydro sanitary system is formed by the distribution networks of both potable and non-potable water for domestic use. It is implemented so that the utilities are separated, so as to ensure greater control.

The materials and the type of installation are sized based on the thermo-hygrometric condition of the building. The outflow network, called drain, is also foreseen.

Sanitary water system diagram

Sanitary water systems are made up of different elements.
Let’s go see them in detail.

Adduction columns

The initial point of the sanitary system corresponds to the delivery point of the meter and develops through the adduction columns positioned in such a way as to allow the pressure to reach the correct horizontal branching for the hydraulic load at the floor.

Main shutter

When it comes to a condominium building, at the beginning of each floor the plumbing system is intercepted via a stop key, also known as the main gate valve.

This is a visible valve that determines the flow of water by opening and closing. The main shut-off gate valve is useful for isolating the whole system.

There are also other keys arranged for each element of the hydraulic system which are useful for isolating specific parts, so as to allow maintenance.

Hydraulic system manifold

The sanitary water collector is used to distribute pressurized water to all users in an orderly manner.

It features a larger flow rate main inlet and smaller diameter secondary outlets.

In thermo-sanitary water systems (for example those of the kitchen or bathroom) the manifold has the function of distributing the main adduction water to the various users, allowing only the delivery.

Plumbing pipes

Pipes for domestic plumbing systems in the past were made of iron and threaded by hand, with a high expenditure of energy and time, it was in fact necessary a week of work.

Currently, new plumbing systems can be installed in about a day, thanks to the use of heat-melt plastic alloys.

Safety and control bodies

A part of the hydraulic system are the safety and control devices which serve as support for correct operation.

Some examples are thermostatic taps, expansion vessels or pressure reducers. Depending on the types used, the yields and costs change.

Auxiliary systems

For an improvement of the hydraulic system it is sometimes convenient to use auxiliary systems. Among the different types, we can include the autoclave pumps for increasing the pressure of the domestic water, or the breather for dissolving bad odors in the air in the vertical discharge pipes.

Standard bathroom plumbing

For its design it is essential to distribute the bathroom fixtures in an orderly manner, in a straight line so as to make execution practical.

The D.L. 40/2010 canceled the Start of Activity Report for the renovation of the bathroom but the communication to the Municipality is still required, signed by a qualified technician, in which the description of the job is presented.

Initially, the measurements of the sanitary fixtures and the distances between the elements will be taken, so as to be able to install the pipes in the correct position.

Bathroom plumbing scheme in Lubbock Tx

Having said that, let’s move on to the crucial question: how to create a sanitary plumbing system?

After having carried out the measurements, it will be necessary to choose the discharge pipes (pipe material: PVC) and supply pipes (pipe material: polypropylene, multilayer or copper), the taps and the sanitary fixtures.

The system is formed by a part common to the whole building and by the individual parts of the various rooms.

It provides for a loading system which can be a manifold or by derivation and a discharge system which divides the white water from the black water.

The work to be carried out will be the installation of the pipes and components of the distribution system and then arranging the connections of the sanitary devices.
The pipes for the rainwater disposal system will then be installed.

Finally, the floor screed and the laying of the wall coverings will be made, to then move on to the installation of the sanitary ware.
At the end of the work, the affected areas will be painted and sealed with silicone.

Types of bathroom water system

The charging system can be by-pass or manifold.

The installation of a rigid main pipe deviated for each individual user is envisaged in the branch system.

This derivation is achieved through the use of particular components, the T-fittings, formed by three ports (one inlet and two outlets) which allow the water to be diverted according to the command. In this case the distribution network is in series.

It is a space-saving and cheaper solution but, given the presence of joints, there is a risk of damage, a problem which, if it arises, will require replacement by demolishing the floor.

As far as the manifold system is concerned, however, the difference lies in the fact that the distribution network is made in parallel, therefore each delivery point will have its own cold water pipe and that of hot water.

The pipes are flexible and in multilayer and start from a manifold which has the function of water distribution. The lack of joints simplifies maintenance operations, but the cost of this system is high.

Bathroom plumbing cost in Lubbock Texas:

How much does it cost to make a bath from scratch?

The price is linked to the size of the room and the number of water points needed, in general it can be around €1500 for 4 water points.

If it is a larger bathroom, the price increases to 2000 Dollars.

Construction of plumbing systems in Lubbock TX

The ICR Impianti E Costruzioni company deals with the design and construction of sanitary water systems for both civil and industrial buildings.
These are standard compliant and produced according to two different systems.

On the one hand there is the traditional system linked to the use of the boiler, on the other the solar panels are used. In both cases the materials used are of high quality.

ICR srl takes an interest in each design phase, so as to ensure the customer a product that complies with the requests. The systems created are centralized or autonomous, of various sizes suitable for any type of use.

Type of bathroom plumbing fixtures

Earl Plumbing is a company that ensures support in all phases of the construction of a sanitary water system both for single buildings and for large communities.
It also deals with the renovation of the bathrooms with attached connections and pipes. West tech Plumbing is another option

The strong point is respecting deadlines so as to create the least possible nuisance for the inhabitants of the building.

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