Granite worktops are one of THE most popular worktops we have today, perhaps only rivaled by marble. Both were introduced into the worktop market about 100 years ago almost. For at least 50-odd years, they remained only accessible to the rich as they were considered luxury worktops that no poor person could get. Well, that is not the case anymore. Today they are so common and much-loved, yet people are wondering if it is the right choice for them.

The constant influx of misinformation regarding granite worktops in Essex confuses people. Let us take a look at some of the more common benefits, counter benefits, and features that can fall into both categories.

All About Granite Worktops | Benefits

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It is a natural stone worktop that is made from 100% granite. These are quarried from around the world and are trimmed into slabs that can be sued as worktops. They are not like quartz, which is natural material mixed with resins.

Granite Worktops In Essex have many benefits, and here they are.

Extremely Durable:

Granite worktops, as granite itself, is one of the most durable worktops in the industry. They are tough stones that do not break all that easily. they are known for being resistant to scratches and cracks and can bear more heat compared to most other worktops.

Moreover, they can last for a hundred years or longer with the right care.

Value Does Not Depriciate Drastically

Unlike most other worktops, they retain a larger value when they are resold. There will always be buyers, even if they are sold second-hand. This is not the case with other worktops, which will have to dispose of once they have served their use in the kitchen or the bathroom.

Granite worktops can be buffed and used for a long time, then can be resold or repurposed as needed. Because of this, you will always retain at least some measure of its worth when it is time to change your worktops. At the very least, you can repurpose and use it in various areas of your home for varying purposes. Old granite worktops, cut into smaller slabs, are currently popular as decore trays, bases for making various types of doughs, and used as garden walkways.

Unparalleled Patterns And Natural Stone:

Granite Worktops in Essex are completely natural worktops that are not treated to be used as worktops. This is rare enough as it is. Additionally, the patterns you will find in your worktops will be unmatched by any other worktop in the world, be it granite cut from the same slab or quarried front of the same rock! It means that when you get a granite slab as your worktop, you are essentially securing a unique piece of art as your kitchen worktop.
If you search “granite worktop near me” and find one for your bathroom worktop, you will be surprised to see that even one piece will not match the other.

Counter Benefits

  • The Maintenance Work You Will Need To Put in: Granite worktops require maintenance regularly as it is a porous natural stone. So without having it sealed, it may absorb stains and become discolored. You will have to seal it twice a year or more, depending on how much you use the worktop.

    Secondly, you cannot use bleach or other chemicals even when you want to deep clean. It can remove the sealant and expose the worktop to the elements. You absolutely should not scrub granite worktops. Plenty of people end up with dents and craters in their worktops because of scrubbing and the constant use of chemicals.
  • A Dent On Your Budget: Granite worktops are one of the most expensive worktops out there. As a result, getting a granite worktop for your kitchen can cause a huge dent in your budget. Moreover, a replacement will be equally expensive if it incurs any damage whatsoever. This is one factor that keeps people from going for granite worktops. As they are expensive for construction, they remain equally expensive as worktops.
  • Repair And Finish: Granite, while almost impossible to damage, is equally limited when it comes to repairing. For scratches and craters, the common course of repair remains to buff it out. Even if the scratch is limited to a small area, the whole worktop will need to be buffed to get it to an even width. You can only buff it to a certain point until it is too thin to be buffed. You will then have to replace it and repurpose, sell, or dispose of it.

Considering The Maybe’s

We have spoken about what is good and bad about granite worktops; now that is out of the way, we need to take a look at how many of these points can change depending on the perspective.

  • Granite Worktop Prices

While granite worktop is expensive, it depends on what you are looking for. It is the best product you can find on the market if you have the finances to afford it. Moreover, you can also salvage it at the end of its use as your kitchen worktop or even repurpose it. So that makes the price of granite worktop a benefit or a counter benefit, relying on your circumstances.

  • The Maintenance

This maintenance can seem too much for most people today due to their busy lives and tightly packed schedules. At the same time, some consider this one of the easiest worktops to maintain. Whether the maintenance is a pain or a boon, it counts entirely on your lifestyle and circumstances.

  • Natural Stone

While they are natural, they need to be sealed before you can use them. This takes away the naturalness of the stone. Still, it depends on your perspective.

The Takeaway

The key takeaway is that granite worktops are not for everybody. This worktop’s benefits are subjective to one’s lifestyle and preferences. So before making any decisions, as always, educate yourself.

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