Tips for Safe Forklift Operation in Houston Tx:

Occupational safety is essential for employees, especially when working in warehouses, with heavy machinery such as forklifts. Both the warehouse manager and the managers must set clear rules to ensure safe operation with the forklift fleet, and below we will give you some tips to increase safety in your company.

Daily Forklift Maintenance:

Daily maintenance involves a routine inspection before starting to operate the forklift; These inspections include the cylinders (which can indicate signs of wear or leaks), the tires (which can cause accidents if deteriorated), the battery or fuel tank, and the oil filter.

Regular review will allow you to replace parts, or repair them, before the scheduled maintenance date.

Seat belt:

Wearing a seatbelt seems like a no-brainer, yet many operators skip it due to the speed with which they perform their jobs and finding it tedious to put on and take off several times a day. Why is its use important? Because forklift rollovers are the leading cause of accidents in environments where this industrial machinery is used, and the belt can prevent operators from being crushed by the machine.

Basic uniform:

This advice also seems basic, however, operators often forget to wear a helmet, or protective footwear and a high-visibility vest. In addition to the operators, the rest of the warehouse personnel and places where the forklifts circulate must also wear uniforms and signs, for example, when cleaning the floor to avoid tipping and accidents.

Keep load within capacity limit:

Operators may choose to exceed the manufacturer’s recommended load limit to work faster and not turn as many turns, however, this increases the risk of tip-overs because it unbalances the forklift’s center of gravity.

Implement Security Practices:

Stop the forklift before raising or lowering the forks, slow down in areas where people are moving, sound horns at the end of aisles, use extreme caution when driving on inclines or ramps, turning slowly around corners or making changes of direction

Safety when getting off the forklift:

When parking machinery, set the brake, lower the forks, and put the controls in neutral to reduce the risk of unintentional accidents while the forklift is unattended, or if another operator starts using it. Avoid parking on inclines and be sure to close service valves on propane cylinders at the end of the day to prevent accidental loss of fuel and accidents with internal combustion engine forklifts. Click here for forklift repair in Houston Tx

By following these tips, operators will protect themselves and their co-workers, prevent accidents, waste time, and help keep forklifts in top condition. In Montacargas del Valle de México you will find a wide variety of forklifts, lifting platforms, safety baskets for forklifts, hydraulic skids, manual hydraulic skids, stackers, as well as a course for safe handling of forklifts with which your staff will learn the techniques to proper handling of machinery.

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