Dubai Certified Digital Marketing

NlpTech in-person training in Dubai offers thorough, useful instruction that can quickly improve you from beginner to advanced!

The most recent digital marketing training in Dubai methods and tactics will be explained to you by our knowledgeable professors, who will also provide you with hands-on, real-world experience. Our program has plenty to offer everyone, whether you’re just starting out or looking to increase your expertise.

Participants will engage in real-world case studies and exercises from May 26 to June 10, 2023, over the course of five full days, all of which are designed to give a solid foundation of knowledge and practical skills in the field. It will be possible to have a more immersive and participatory learning experience because the program will be conducted in person.

Certification by CDMA

Participants will gain knowledge of the significance of digital platforms and tactics, such as paid search, content marketing, advertising, and email marketing for both online and offline platforms. Participants will also discover how to create an integrated marketing and commercial strategy that integrates both modern and conventional techniques, such as:

  • Strategy for Digital Marketing
  • Use of social media Use of social media
  • Optimizing for search engines (SEO)
  • Email Promotion
  • e-commerce
  • Google Analytics for AdWords

Each student who successfully completes the course will receive an international certification in digital marketing as well as the information and abilities needed to realize their professional objectives. Students will develop a thorough understanding of digital marketing so they can stay up to date with new ideas and create targeted campaigns.

You will acquire hands-on experience that cannot be obtained through an academic, theory-based curriculum by learning from seasoned professionals in the sector who share current and applicable tactics and techniques. This involves being exposed to the top techniques, resources, studies, and case studies. Each student will graduate with a globally recognized credential that will make them stand out to HR experts and employers throughout the world.


This once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to advance your knowledge, abilities, and digital marketing profession in Dubai or abroad is the Digital Marketing NlpTech.

You can download the complete outline here if you want further information.

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Strategies For Digital Marketing Will Be Discussed

Develop a social media and online marketing strategy.

Developing a plan for digital marketing

planning a monthly, quarterly, and annual budget

Content calendar implementation and strategy

Use expert tools and templates while writing proposals and plans.

Content Promotion

Strategy for Content Marketing

Conventional marketing versus content marketing

Content generation tools for SEO content marketing

posting technique

Content Planning

Kind and frequency of posts

Managing a community and using digital communication

Use online design editors to create graphics and posts without design or Photoshop expertise.

Templates for social media Calendars

LinkedIn Business

Facebook Pages: What You Need to Know

Control critical comments and reviews through page moderation

Varieties of Facebook Content & Recommended Practices

Improve the page’s content and optimization for search results.

Facebook Page content for Instagram and WhatsApp Business

Facebook hashtag guidelines

the New Meta Suite vs. Maker Studio for tracking links for content

Instagram and Facebook scheduling

Reporting, analytics, and insights

Social Media Manager for Facebook | The New Meta Suite

Facebook for Business: Comprehensive Understanding and Vitality of Meta Suite & Business Manager

Setting up Business Manager & Meta Suite – Business

Using the dashboard correctly

Personal Ads Manager vs. Facebook for Business

creating the pages and the ad accounts

Role management in business

Linking Facebook to the Website – Configuring Facebook Pixel Payment

Making Shops & Catalogs

Linking social media with websites using omnichannel marketing

Facebook and Instagram ads with highly precise targeting

advertising goals

Know how advertisements operate

the composition of ad sets and ad campaigns

To reach the correct people, optimize the target audience.

Facebook Bid formats

Conversion configuration

Track the effectiveness of a promotion using metrics ranging from basic to advanced performance & analytics.

Custom audiences and lookalikes for Facebook and Instagram’s remarketing campaigns

Target your own email list, phone numbers, or database.

Target the Facebook users that visited your website and interacted with your pages.

Facebook for Business

Create a polished Instagram profile.

best practices for Instagram content

Increase your following without purchasing phony likes

Highlights & stories for business

marketing the content across platforms and using Instagram verification again

recommended practices for Instagram hashtags

best practices for reels

Analytics & Stats for Instagram

Develop successful Instagram ads and posts

Instagram Tools: Simple ways to create movies, reels, and tales

How to pick the most effective influencer

How to handle influencers and monitor results

Marketing on LinkedIn

LinkedIn Personal Profile Enhancement

Compared to LinkedIn company pages, a LinkedIn personal account

Create a strong LinkedIn profile.

Make your LinkedIn profile search engine friendly.

Pages for LinkedIn Business

Establish a credible LinkedIn company page.

LinkedIn content best practices & strategy

Improve the content’s SEO to gain more visibility in search results

Advice and resources, such as when to put online and analytics

B2B & B2C LinkedIn Marketing Strategies: Top LinkedIn Mistakes to Avoid

Develop compelling ads for LinkedIn to produce leads and conversions.

LinkedIn details on ad targeting (target by job title, company, education …)

LinkedIn personalized ad messaging

Boost business visibility on LinkedIn to boost the company’s income potential

Creating a YouTube channel brand

The Process of Starting a YouTube Channel

An introduction to YouTube’s rules and regulations

How to make YouTube channels and videos search engine friendly

How to run monetization on YouTube and make money

Engage viewers by incorporating several components into the video (Cards, End-Screens, etc.)

Chapterize the YouTube videos.

marketing and advertising to increase views

Tips and strategies for improving your YouTube channel that is advanced

YouTube B2B & B2C Marketing Techniques

Highlights for using Google AdWords to create successful YouTube ads

Boost YouTube exposure for your business

TikTok and Twitter for Business

Twitter Marketing expansion plan

Strategy, frequency, and types of content

Twitter trends, hashtag generators, and other resources.

Twitter marketing and advertising to increase clicks, leads, retweets, and sales.

Pricing for ads and best practices

Targeting information

Twitter integration with the website


TikTok’s functionality and business applications

Creating a business-focused TikTok profile brand

TikTok hashtags technique

How Companies Utilize TikTok in the Real World: The Greatest TikTok Marketing Techniques to Get More Fans

Step-by-Step Getting Started with TikTok for Business

Overview of TikTok Advertising

Variety of adverts

TikTok Manager for Advertising

Ad campaign organization

Establish an ad group.

Ad creation and creative resources

TikTok metrics for performance

TikTok remarketing (pixel, custom audiences)

Tips and tricks for TikTok

Ad advice

advice on content marketing

Tips for building a brand community

Advice on creating leads and sales

Tips for using TikTok for marketing

Creation of a Business Account for Snapchat

Creating Accounts and Using the Correct Billing

recognizing the various access types

Ad Campaign Organization: Campaign, Ad Set, Ad Ad Campaign Goals, and Variety of Ads

Utilizing top-notch advertising creative

optimizing placements, age, geography, gender, and target audience

Campaign evaluation and optimization

Snapchat retargeting

Remarketing Techniques

Developing Personalized Audiences

Implementation of pixels

Conversion Creation and Monitoring

Optimizing for search engines SEO Search Marketing: Local, Paid, and Organic

Workings of Search Engines

keyword analysis

Content creation and keyword planning

Create content that is optimized for Google

Site Organization

META Descriptions & Titles – Structure & Strategy

Subheadings & Headings

URL and domain name structure

Navigation & Internal Links on the Website

getting ready My Business on Google – The location will be registered for use in Google Search, Maps, and other Google products.

tools and reports for SEO

analysis and review of websites

SEM for Google AdWords

Setting up an AdWords account and managing campaigns

opening an AdWords account

The campaign, Ad Group, and Ad Content Structure

Setting up Ad Groups

making your Google AdWords campaigns operational

Ads from YouTube, search, display, apps, and stores

Types of keywords and effective methods for ad optimization

campaigns for display, shopping, and video all target different audiences

connecting Google Analytics, YouTube, and the website to AdWords.

Advanced Analytics & Tracking

Knowledge of Quality Score

the conversions are setup

Monitor the success of the campaigns

Retargeting on Google and around the Internet.

practical experience with different ad initiatives

Email Promotion

The fundamentals of email marketing

Design and create effective email design templates

Email design direction

expanding your email list to boost prospective revenue

Add your email connections to Elastic Email or MailChimp.

sending email campaigns to a database you control

Customized email transmission

Plan your email campaigns

sending expert newsletters with a sales focus

Examine the email reports by reading them.

Look at the views, clicks, and open rates.

Internet Analytics

establishing the platform for website traffic analysis

Knowledge of the Analytics Dashboard

Bounce rate metrics & analytics

Audience Information

Purchase & Channels – The origin of the visitors

Determine each traffic source’s return on investment

Making decisions with analytics reporting

Analytics for online behavior and pages

Goals & Conversions Setup

Analytics & Revenue Monitoring for Online Shopping

Internal traffic (employees and workers) should not be included in the analytics

Assessing the ROI (Return on Investment) of your website through conversions Tracking

Final Project: Using What You’ve Learned

Participants will be given a project in which they must put all that they have learned over the past six days into practice. You will apply all the techniques, technicalities, and tools you have learned to a real-world problem. For Seo Company in Delhi read this

As part of your final project, you will work on a real-world scenario in which you will create a social media and digital marketing strategy for a company as well as set the strategy, write social media content, develop advertising, conduct online activities, and more.

You become a Certified Digital Marketer CDMA, an internationally recognized Certification offered by the Digital Marketing Institute, after finishing the program and successfully completing the final project (earning a grade of 70/100).

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