Planning to get the custom embroidery digitizing service as per your need? Hiring a skilled company can really change the game for you and it will help you save some money as you outsource your work! Selecting a good company with a proven track record is very much important and you have to do your research before you can make a final decision.

In today’s blog we are going to tell you what company will be best for you and the reason behind their selection along with their working procedure that will make you excited to work with them! The company you should be considering is Absolute Digitizing, they have more than 24 years of experience and offer the best quality embroidery digitizing and vector tracing services at the best prices with a quick turnaround time that can be as low as 2 hours depending on the design.

Key Highlights of Their Services

  • They offer a dual pricing model in which the customer can pay as per the stitches or a flat rate.
  • In case of an urgent custom embroidery digitizing service, the work can be provided in as low as 2 hours of time.
  • The customers get the best market competitive prices. For instance, the logo digitizing starts at $5.
  • Customers get the freedom to get a quote or place their order by downloading the iOS app from App store and Android app from Google Play store.
  • Have any kind of queries like information needed regarding quotes, order placing, and editing requests? Connect with the 24/7 customer live chat support. 
  • You can get the services even on Saturday as well and end your worries of missing deadlines approaching on weekends.

How We Work For Custom Embroidery Digitizing Service?

Now, let’s have a look at the step by step process of the company that they adop for their service when it comes to embroidery digitizing:


Once the order is placed by the customer, the first thing done by our competent team is the analysis of the file to be clear about the requirements. The team thoroughly chcek the thing to properly identify all the custom demands made by the valuable customer.


After careful analysis, the order moves to one of our skilled designers. They ensure that the stitches should be in the perfect manner and precise as per the custom requirement. More importantly, they ensure that there should be less changes in color and the final product should be sharp in terms of details.

Quality Assurance & Check

For the best high-quality standards, the designer will forward the converted embroidery file toward the quality control department. The department is responsible to properly check the quality before the order is delivered to the customers. If there are any issues, these will be fixed and again quality testing is done.

Delivery of Digitized Files

Once the quality checking is complete then it is handed over to the customer. The customers can download the file with great ease once they have made the payment. In case any of our customers are not satisfied with the work, they can request edits until they get the desired work. More importantly, we are also offering the money back guarantee!

Other than this, there are two more important pointers that our customers should remember about our service regarding the custom embroidery digitizing is:

  • Every file that comes to us is handled by a competent digitizer. Proper quality checking is done and we even request our customers to check the spelling and perform a quick run before it is delivered for production.
  • Few reasons to outsource your work to us is that you can increase your output, pay attention to other work and reduce the cost as well.

Workflow At Absolute Digitizing

Above, we told you about the procedure, now let’s have a look at our workflow status that keeps the customers updated about the progress of their work:

  • It appears “Pending” when the order is in que.
  • Once the order is reviewed by the team and working is started, it changes to “In Process”.
  • “Replied”, it appears when our team has responded to your request and you can have a look at the console chat box. You will have also received an email notification.
  • Once your file is ready, you will see “Delivered”.
  • “Completed”, after that you have to complete your payment and you will be able to download the file
  • In case of any changes, you can also request for edit that will give you a status of “Edit Request”.
  • The status changes to “Edit Completed” once the revised file is sent to you. If not satisfied again, you can request for edit again!

Connect with us today to kickstart your project at the best prices with quick turnaround rates and work done by experienced digitizers of Absolute Digitizing!

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