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CCNA Training

The goal of this CCNA training in dubai is to provide qualified instruction so that participants can take the CCNA certification exam. The CCNA certification program stands for Cisco Certified Network Associate Routing and Switching. The capacity of a candidate to install, run, and troubleshoot networks for businesses or institutions is tested by this exam.

This certification will help you start your career in the networking sector. Professionals with the CCNA certification are in charge of assisting with every networking issue in the organizations. With the help of our CCNA training in Dubai, we equip each candidate with the fundamental technological knowledge as well as the skills and methodologies needed for networking technologies.

Every industry has a significant demand for networking specialists. Networking professionals and troubleshooters are finding additional career prospects as a result of the information technology boom and its applicability in several industries.

Networking professionals with a Cisco certification can take advantage of the expanding employment options in relation to the network requirements in every sort of business. With the help of our CCNA training in Dubai, we equip each student with a comprehensive knowledge base and skill set, making it simple for them to pass the CCNA exam.

Further Details:

30-hour sessions

Time and Day: Flexible

What do you discover?

Professional instructors in this CCNA course in Dubai will impart expertise and information that will aid you in the installation, setup, and troubleshooting of Cisco devices. Our CCNA program in Dubai includes interactive examples, lab practice exams, and hands-on lectures to help students better comprehend the material and develop their technical abilities.

Professional CCNA training is typically provided as part of a well-structured program that covers topics like Introduction to wireless networking concepts, Mitigation of security concerns, and the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to carry out professional operations, among other things.

The CCNA Exam has 50 to 60 questions and lasts 90 minutes. You will be certified to start a career in the networking business if you pass this test.

Course Materials:

  • Network Principles
  • Switching technologies for LAN
  • Technology for routing
  • WAN innovations
  • the provision of infrastructure
  • secure infrastructure
  • Infrastructure administration

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