If you want to add some fun to your wedding party and make your guests laugh and smile, you should consider using caricatures instead of photos. Live Caricatures are drawn on the spot in just a few minutes. They can be used as the center piece of your ceremony or a fun way to entertain your guests during your reception.

At weddings, the best place for caricatures is the table near the entrance where the bride and groom Wedding caricaturist are seated. They will be able to watch their guests while their photographer takes pictures. You can also draw a caricature of your guests in advance.

You can also ask your family and friends to send you pictures of themselves that you can draw in your portrait. As soon as you receive the pictures, you can draw a caricature in the next hour or two.

You will have to sit with the picture under a lamp to draw quickly. Once you have finished drawing, you can give the caricature to your guests. Be sure to have some water nearby so that you can clean your hands afterwards.

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