HBOT is very effective for treating many kinds of injuries, including burns and decompression sickness. HBOT is a new treatment that was developed a few years ago. It has already proven its worth. It is safe and inexpensive. A number of major hospitals use it to treat their patients. The treatment may last anywhere between 30 minutes and several hours.

Many physicians prefer to use this treatment for their patients because it is less expensive than many other treatments. During the treatment, you will be in a pressure chamber. The chamber contains 100% oxygen.

This type of oxygen is referred to as hyperbaric oxygen. During the treatment, the oxygen level will increase to 1 atmosphere above the normal LIE DOWN HYPERBARIC CHAMBER atmospheric pressure. This is equal to breathing pure oxygen at a pressure of one atmosphere.

In most cases, the time that you spend in the chamber will be around 30 minutes to two hours. The higher the oxygen concentration that you breathe, the faster your body will heal. There are a few reasons why people would want to undergo this treatment.

One reason is that they may have damaged or injured their skin. A damaged skin will get infected easily. HBOT can cure this kind of problem. It is also used to speed up the healing process of burn victims. Burn victims can receive treatments in the chamber for only a few hours instead of weeks.

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