To know a place, one should start with its cuisine. Riyadh is a place exquisitely known for its culture and its culture lies in the beautiful sites in Riyadh and its cuisine. Taste the great Kabsa and the famous fusion cuisine of Riyadh here at the best cafes in Riyadh.  

Best Cafes in Riyadh 

  1. Chorisia Lounge: This indoor-outdoor café is one of the best places for breakfast in Riyadh. The café offers options like vegetarian, vegan and halal. The speciality of the café is its afternoon tea and its Turkish coffee. 
  1. Terrace Café: With a vibrant and friendly environment, this place has a great oversight of the natural wildlife pond. The ambience is filled with green plants and the speciality of the cafe is the latte and tiramisu. The tremendous outdoor sitting experience makes this place one of the best outdoor cafes in Riyadh. 
  1. White Garden the Lounge: Either it is breakfast, lunch or dinner, the café is excellent for all. With great interior design and a beautiful outdoor setting, this café is one of the best cafes in Riyadh. The Nutella Pistachio Cake is a must-try for those who plan to go to this café. 
  1. Paul Restaurant & Bakery: Known for its French and European cuisine, this café is great for grabbing a sandwich or having a fancy dinner. The café is on the eastern side of Riyadh and is one of the best cafes in Riyadh. The café is known for having great soup and a divine selection of salads and coffee.  
  1. Brew Crew: Find the highest quality coffee in the city of Riyadh at this café. The place started up in 2016 where coffee enthusiasts came together to give this city its favorite coffee. The café is highly rated and well-known among the locals and is an excellent place for tourists. 
  1. 23M Café: This café is known for providing luxury shisha and coffee in a cozy and ambient setting. The ice cream and waffles are a delight and a well-recommended dish of the café. With great food, ambience and shisha, this café is one of the best cafes in Riyadh. 
  1. Farzi Café: With the goal of bringing the Indian cuisine back to ‘Vogue’, this café provides great gourmet and modernist cuisine. Located in Hiltin, this café offers a great ambience and mouth-watering traditional Indian cuisine. 
  1. Dr Café: Ranked at the top, this café is known for pioneering the coffee business with its premium speciality coffee. The café is a simple place to chill out after a stressful day. With a great line of coffee, this place is one of the best cafes in Riyadh. 
  1. ½ Million Café: This is the place which is known for being a great place for everything ranging from a business meeting to a lovely date. This café was first built to be a common place for business meetings and has stood up to its reputation. 
  1. Ristretto Café: This is a beautiful café with chill vibes and a great place to work. The place has an excellent interior and is one of the best baristas in the city. The café has two floors and outdoor seating, ranking it as one of the best cafes in the world.  
  2. Tim Horton’s: Tim Horton’s is a Canadian Coffee franchise with outlets all over Riyadh. The coffee and pancakes are the speciality and can become a morning routine. This is a place that Canadian tourists will call home.  
  1. Starbucks: This café chain is a well-known coffeehouse worldwide and is known for serving the best coffee. The coffeehouse is a premium roaster and is famous for its specialty coffee.  
  1. Café Bateel: Not only is this cafe known for premium Arabic coffee but also its boutique. This boutique lets you customize a hamper where you can customize among a range of fine chocolates, Khajoors(Dates) and gourmet products. 
  1. Camel Step: Camel Step is known for its Sparkling drinks, and a drink which gives you the same taste of cold coffee from a café in your home. Camel step also offers many kits for one to brew their coffee. 
  1. Elite Cup: This cafe is a roaster coffee shop in the Manuel Market and is known to sell courses and coffee in one place. Elite Cup will let you make Café like coffee at home and a skill of a professional Barista. 

Riyadh is a city of culture and traditions with the modern blend of technology and advancements. The capital of Saudi Arabia is known for its business hubs and high-end shops. Tourists can explore the city to view the grandeur spread all over the city. The top cafes in Riyadh will provide excellent experience to the locals and tourists alike. While in Riyadh make sure to visit one of the cafes mentioned above.

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