Gramhir also provides an Instagram Analytics tool that allows you to add an Instagram username to your list and receive an overview of the number of interactions, impressions and information about posts. Gramhir’s algorithm provides you with an opportunity to review the data of the account you have created with Instagram profile, as well as for the one of an individual.

1. Brandwatch Consumer Intelligence

Brandwatch provides services to listen to social media publishing advertisements as well as the measurement and management of the customer’s data. It is a comprehensive service that covers all social media networks, including Instagram. The service isn’t free, but you can get a 14-day trial free of charge to try it’s Essentials Plan, which is priced at $108 per month.

Brandwatch offers in-depth analysis. They provide more than 100 post metrics for Facebook and Instagram as well as over 600 additional metrics that can be download through CSV or via an API. These metrics can include impressions that are paid or organic along with reach at the post level, as well as page-level responses data for the demographics of your audience as well as video views on your page and post-level metrics.

2. Iconosquare

Iconsquare allows you to plan posts for the future to monitor how your users feel about your posts (about your business or industry) and monitor how the performance of your Instagram analytics. It provides analytics that show the changes in engagement, and views, reach, and views as well as ways you can improve how the Instagram Stories are doing.

This also includes hashtags as well as trackers of competitors.

Iconsquare provides a free two-week trial, and various tools available at no cost, including a comprehensive Instagram Audit.

3. Digimind

Digimind is define as an AI powered marketing intelligence tool and social listening instrument. It is a solution for brands’ reputation, including competitive intelligence, consumer insights trends tracking, progress as well as the identification of influencers and analysis of campaigns. The most renowned provider of information and research on media. Digimind has been praise by some of the biggest companies around the world that include Asus, Johnson & Johnson, Macy’s, and McDonald’s.

Digimind’s web and social analytics and listening suites are designe to improve your image as a brand. It will detect weak signals in the form of hashtags and concepts and can also provide real-time notifications about negative feedback. This lets you create an effective response to potential emergency. Additionally, Digimind’s tools let you to pick the appropriate messages, audiences and channels.

4. Brand24

Brand24 makes the process of monitoring social media simple and accessible to all. In this sense can be use to increase the insight of Instagram that is that are native to the platform.

Brand24 gives insight about what Instagram users think about your business. For example, it will analyze the type of conversations, analyze different hashtags and provide those hashtags that are most well-known for increasing your Instagram reach. It also provides information in a qualitative way to supplement Instagram Insights’ quantitative data.

5. Analisa

Analisa is a reputable marketing firm, is focused on Instagram analytics. It’s not only that Analisa provide all the information regarding your Instagram activities however, it also analyzes the data to make it easier for you to understand what the numbers mean.

Analisa offers a no-cost service that provides you with the bulk of information. However, you must buy their Premium Plan to get a more thorough analysis.

6. HypeAuditor

HypeAuditor is a huge database that is powered through artificial Intelligence which has been linked to over three million of Instagram profiles. It’s a treasure-trove of information, and it can distinguish genuine Influencers and fake ones that claim to have status , however they’re simply fake followers.

HypeAuditor isn’t offered as an unlimited plan, but because it’s pay-as-you-go it shouldn’t be expensive even if you have only a few requirements for usage.

7. Instagram Insights

All business profiles automatically gain access Instagram Insights the Instagram’s cost-free “in-house” analytics tool. It provides data about the profile of your followers’ demographics and their activities, as well as also information on your posts.

If you change your account is used for personal use to one for business use, you have the ability to see the insights about the content you post after the switch. You will have access to Instagram Insights in many different places, including your profile page, the individual post, and also your Instagram Stories.


Sylo is an influential platform that offers third-party analytics on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter along with Instagram. Sylo doesn’t make prices accessible, and the users they serve are big, and like many other platforms, it’s best to look into the following services (or Sylo’s Instagram Insights) in case you’re seeking free Instagram analytics tools.

9. SocialBook

SocialBook provides AI-powered data analysis for each Instagram, YouTube, or Twitch influencers. It provides accurate analysis of each influencer’s data. You’ll need an account in order to conduct a thorough analysis. You are allowed to access certain information on a limited number of influential personalities using the no-cost Startup Plan. You’ll need a paid plan to conduct an extensive search however.

You will find a huge variety of information about your influencers. Naturally, the information provided for Instagrammers differs from the information SocialBook offers to influential individuals using Youtube as well as Twitch.

10. Pixlee TurnTo

Pixlee TurnTo is a free application which lets you make weekly reports to share along with analytics and metrics to increase engagement and attract new fans.

There is a way to utilize the information of Pixlee to identify influential social media influencers and brand advocates who post about your company and joining with brand advocates. You can also follow the posts of your followers and figure out what content is the most successful.

This also contains hashtag stats, monitoring, as well as the growth of Instagram followers along with the information necessary to determine the most popular Instagram posts. See Our Latest Article muctau.

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